Etikettarkiv: språk

Start again then

So, today I started the French studies again. Or studies… I started to re write my notes into a new note book, repeat, repeat and again repeat is the only thing working for me. And now I also need to focus on speaking cause people don’t understand even when I from start say the right thing. Really enjoying. And confusing. You think you know what to say, you say it, it is correct but no one understand you. And for sou who not speak French it is a language no one understand if you don’t say it perfectly. 

Just like when people learn Swedish and struggle with our “sh”-sounds in Swedish I obviously have a huge problem with the French Je, J´ai, ch.. sounds. 

My friends here and home kind of not understand the struggle I have with French but again, I have no language ear at all. And self studies is kind of hopeless, like a parrot I repeat but actually have no idea what I’m saying. And since I am worthless in gramma (both Swedish and English) the French language with its specific gramma is really hard to learn.

So I am still between start all over again and giving up and try to find a way to learn that actually stay in there. We will see what happens.