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Somethings is hard to let go

As the headline today tell you, somethings îs hard to let go off. Like the Radio interview with Greta Thunberg who turned 18 a while ago.

In Sweden 18 is when you get of age to vote, drive, get married etc etc, you are a grown up, if you don’t want to buy a bottle of wine of course, then it’s 20… (Sweden is always fantastic… You can defend your country and kill people but not buy a bottle of alcohol).

In Gretas case it is even more interesting since she is the girl powerful politicians listen too, get inspiration from and try to please, at least in the eye of the media and voters.

So this, now 18 year old woman, have a lot to say and a lot of ideas to be spread world wide.

So think back, or into the future, what did you do when you turned 18, what was on your birthday wish list? A car, or money to take drivers lessons? A party for all your friends? Actually plan to move from home? Travel abroad without having your parents telling you it’s OK?

I can think of more things on the mind of a 18 year old, if the 18 year old not named Greta Thunberg…

01. This is what Greta got at her 18 year old birthday

02. “I got walnuts”

03. Kodjo (one of the shows hosts): “Only a bag of walnuts?”

04. “No, it was whole”

05. “Which was great fun because I’d say I would like to…”

06. ” …try to crack myself. So it was a great gift”

So what is so wrong here, cause no one would expect Greta to have a normal wish for birthdays or Christmases… What is disturbing is that she is 18 years old, a grown up whishing for walnuts so she can “try” too crack them. Again, 18 y.o.

The above is fine, but that powerful CEOs, famous people, Presidents and politicians actually listen to a person who lived 18 year without trying to crack a nut?

Add that environment Greta also got bubble wrap (plastic) and Brussels sprouts in her 18 y.o. birthday gift bag and from her father a t-shirt. We guess a new Antifa* t-shirt so Greta don’t need to borrow her mothers in the future.

Think about it for a while and try to picture it Golden Girls way and imagen the world we might live in when children like Greta will take over. Cause 18 or not, this is not normal what so ever, and “nut” in nutcracker can mean so much more than just a nut.


*) Gretas family posed for a picture dressed in t-shirts from the anarchist group Antifa, Gretas defence was “she borrowed the t-shirt from her mother”

Another amazing summer day

Yes, again, nice weather, it smells summer… am sure you know the that smell, when you open a window and warm air enter the room with a smell. And here we are, still, no plan to go anywhere beside back to work and the offices. Not abroad, not to a park or café – but I can buy a plastic chair or a new cutlery box, TV or why not a new phone?

Life is not fun and in my old home country, Sweden, people can move more or less free and get upset over the fact that there are countries backing them from travel this summer… So far Norway, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus and most likely Greece – I guess there will be more if not the very upset foreign ministers call for racism agains Swedes and that it is against the EU rules to exclude a EU country.

But I am not so sure that France, if their Covid figures go down after weeks of lock down want to share streets, beaches and restaurants with Swedes and the never ending Corona pandemic in Sweden. Most death per capita in the world together with Belgium. Congratulations.

At the end we don’t know, did Sweden do it right? Or the countries who locked down? The answer will come when we have a vaccine and maybe a year after that.

Strange world


O la la

Normally time fly, but not in Corona times. Day after day looks the same. Routines, new routines, form under the mighty name of confinement. The new God is named Macron and the new campfire is 20h00 when neighbours open their windows clapping, if not reveal an alcohol addiction and sing opera without being asked to. 2020 is not the year really.

One thing I Tweet, post and write at least a few times every year is the fact that it’s not dangerous to be bored from time to time. It’s good for the human to be bored and not have anything to do between all the activities we try to fill our free time with. But even I must say that we soon reached the limit of boredom.

My mind has already gone into the mood of vacation planning. I need sun, beach and Morocco. I also need to loose weight, more now than ever, this is not good. I must plan for the dentist and what to do when I must have my new prescription, can my doctor send a new one? And don’t mention that I am in need of new glasses again. I have again reached the point when my sight is as bad with my glasses as it was without them when I got them.

But here I am, together with many many French people and colleagues home working, now with two computers. Work computer and private computer, one with music and one with emails and folders.

And remember that we work from home:

Have fun peeps


What? fruit?

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I bought fruit. Looking into my book of what I bought since I moved to France this is the first time it happen… No Lie, I had fruit at the “Melodifestivalen” Party few years back, but apart from that no fruit what so ever.

So to save my face I bought Spanish Clementines (Nor Moroccan) and play that I do it for or friends in Spain in their moment of need. Can’t say I eat fruit…

Beside that the lock down, more lock in, keep on going and a new record of dead people in France so the 15 days will for sure be longer. And I find myself regretting Im not an alcoholic so I can drink wine all days and don’t give a… of staying in or work.

Unfortunately I’m not so just keep going and try to do the best in this situation. But I can see that things coming up. March, my 3 month dentist appointment, a must to continue the ongoing treatment seems to fly out the window. I am not even sure dentists still see patients…

And tonight I think I will listen to “Nisse Hult” or his real name, Stefan Löfvén, Swedish PM and see what he tell Sweden. So far my home country been very cool in the Corona times and I appreciate that but guess the Swedes will find themselves in look down too in a near future. Maybe not tonight, but in a week or two.

Until then, happy Swedes still able to go to a café or bar and meet with people.


Time to sum up the music year 2019

So we finally there, time to check the iTunes statistics and actually see what I was listen to during 2019 and as natural order I start with the most listen to Melodifestivalen songs followed by the most listen to Eurovision Song Contest songs.

Then upcoming weekend focus on the complete iTunes library and what song, album and artist got my attention passed year.

But today, Melodifestivalen 2019, looking at the amount of playtimes for the Melodifestivalen songs 2019 it was a bad year, a few songs stand out but the rest did not reach a lot of plays.

  1. Mina Bränder – Zeana feat Anis Don Demina
  2. Ashes to ashes – Anna Bergendahl
  3. Känner dig – Anton Hagman
  4. Habibi – Dolly Style
  5. Too late for love (single version) – John Lundvik
  6. Ashes to ashes (Soundfactory radio) – Anna Bergendahl
  7. Somebody wants – The lovers of Valdero
  8. Tempo – Margaret
  9. I do – Arvingarna
  10. Stormbringer – Pegan Fury
  11. I do (English version) – Arvingarna
  12. Too late for love (Palego remix) – John Lundvik
  13. Hello (Remix) – Mohombo & Youssou N´Dour
  14. I love it – Oscar Enestad
  15. Om om och om igen – Omar Rudberg
  16. Norrsken – Jon Henrik Fjällgren
  17. Victorious – Lina Hedlund
  18. Not with me – Wiktoria
  19. Kärleken finns kvar – Ann-Louise Hanson
  20. On my own – Bishara

I think even I will be surprised if any of the songs end up on the general list over most played songs in 2019.


The Swedish smoking ban

The new, very strange, smoking ban introduced on the 1st of July 2019 means:

  • No smoking outside a café or restaurant even with out door seating
  • Ni smoking outside entrances to official buildings
  • No smoking at bus stops or train platforms
  • Playgrounds etc

More or less outside all official buildings. So why “strange”? Cause it’s not up to the police to keep an eye on people it is up to non smokers to report if someone smokes and if so the owner of the Bar, Café or Restaurant is the one who will be punished with a fine or a withdrawn right to serve alcohol. It’s actually not far from the old Eastern Europe where people was supposed to spy on each other and report it.

Now I don’t think it will be so much trouble in Sweden since there is an alternative, “snus”, and the use of snus will most likely be higher at the end of 2019 than when the year started so believe me when I say that the Government will put a new tax on it.

And if you as a smoker decide to visit Sweden remember that the ban includes electric cigarettes even if you vape and the only thing you breath out is warm water steam without smell or anything else which can disturb others. The only place I’ve visited with a similar law was the central parts of Brisbane in Australia. But at least they allowed the owners of bars and restaurants to decide if vaping was allowed or not.

So why this reaction? I’m not living in Sweden at the moment, not living in the country in the European Union with the highest crime rate according to statistics in Europe, but I do visit at least once a year. So it hit me that I usually stay at “Central Hotel” in Stockholm and their entrance is in between their own out door seating and a café and behind a bus stop, so to move away from the entrance to follow the law is not possible cause you just end up close to another place where you can’t smoke. So if the hotel don’t install smoking rooms or allow smoking in some rooms there is no chance I would book there again. A pity cause I really like the place since the location is perfect when visiting Stockholm.

In any case, if you smoke and visit Sweden from the 1st of July 2019 be sure to check the hotel booking site how the Hotel solved the smoking situation and ask them before you book. It is possible you will end up at a hotel where you can’t smoke within 200 meters from the entrance caused by other business next door don’t allow smoking. And even if the only smoke you have each day is the one with your morning coffee, and even if you need to go outdoors you like it to be close the where you live don’t you? Or to take beer in the hotel bar without the possibility to “pop out” for a smoke (not even electronics) between the drinks… Fun?

So, without a opportunity to smoke close by don’t spend your money there and let the owners know why. This must come from tourists cause Swedes are to lame to not follow the rules of big brother.


Midsummer suédois

And in Sweden they enjoy a lazy weekend with ” Petites grenouilles, sac de saut, influence d’alcool” and in France it’s a normal working day… For expats I think the rule should be to have your new home countries bank holidays AND the holidays from the “old” country. Cause nothing is as depressing to watch your Instagram filled with friends tanning, drinking and having fun. Not that I cared at all about Midsummer when I lived in Sweden but now I think it’s very very important.

So I take this opportunity and wish all my Swedish friends, families a really nice Midsummer weekend. And remember when Sweden invented a completely random National Day the choice went to the 6th of June instead of this day when all Swedes really celebrate to be Swedish.

(Sjuksköterskor har vita dräkter… Jag delar ut SPRIT!)

Hugs /


Europe Voted

Not much to say really, first we voted for Eurovision and now for the European Parliament. The favorite won in Eurovision and the favorites… Not so much won in the EU election. At least not in all countries.

The two I am more connected too, Sweden and France ended up in a split. As always, in Sweden, all parties say they won even if the lost votes since the last election. I am surprised to find Centern, The Green Party and Liberal party with so much support. None of them is even close to have any confidence in my book.

In France, O la la, Macron only second, I don’t care who won in France as long as Macron failed… I wished for a bigger difference and his liberal views to end up like 4th of 5th party in France. But still not winning is a step in the right direction.

And all art is not pretty….