Etikettarkiv: SVTPlay

SVTPlay and Timothy Stuart

SVTPlay is kind of a lifeline now and then, a lot blocked but some shows are available from France as well, and yesterday i found a show called “Det här är ditt land” (This is your country).

First some background, before I include my colleague Tim in this story. Carina Bergfeldt is a Swedish news reporter, not very liked by the way but this show turned out to be interesting.

Carina did a DNA test, the kind of test you can do from home, and found a half brother (same father) in USA. Out of the blue, and none of them knew about the other one for many years.

So, the show is about how different siblings can be just from growing up in different countries but the part about the differences between USA and Sweden and how different Americans are to Swedes.

So far I have seen the 2 first episodes, but I can recommend it even if you don’t know Swedish since they speak more English than Swedish so far, and the part in Swedish is actually easy to grasp even not speaking Swedish.

So why this, and WTF about Tim, my colleague in Geneva? The brother Jeffrey and Tim are SO alike and from a Swedish point of view tick so many “typical American” boxes so it’s almost parodic sometimes.

My colleague Tim asked for a shoutout on this blog, and here he get one, and not only a shoutout, a complete TV show!!!

SVTPlay link to Det här är ditt land

Also, as always, I check the FB group “Swedes in Paris” – and at least once a week there is a “I moved to Paris last week, how do I get work, apartment and do I need to speak French when I moved” questions. Mainly from girls with a selfie photo from the school of Kardashians, ducklips, filters, fillers and taken from the side a bit above.

So first of all, you take a chance and move to this:

In the middle of a pandemic, and just decide that Paris is a good choice. I suspect behind it all is model dreams, at least the photos often plant that thought in my mind. I do not know if I admire them (to dare and actually think they will manage), the 20 somethings, or if I think they are in the category “IQ = Seagull”. So why even mention this? It seems like it’s more and more now during the pandemic, and it spread to guys as well. Might be that they need to post questions cause now during an ongoing pandemic life is tougher than they thought. Or is the latest generation to grow up actually even more naive than the one before? If so it’s scary.

Take care, stream SVTPlay and see if you agree with Jeffrey or Swedes views on Americans.


Not much to report

Not much to report really, it’s Monday and it kind of only reminds most of the world that its 5 days ahead before life starts again.

But I can tell you all I finally sat down to watch the After Darks show “This is it” on SVTPlay. Where After Dark wrapped up their career since the 70th and went out with a bang.

And it was a really good an worthy ending for the group even if not many of the original members still in the group.

If you have some time over watch the show on SVT Play.

And i then noticed that After Dark released an album last year with some of the songs from the “This is it” show, downloaded it but missed one song, the beautiful song about all the members of the group no longer with us on earth. A dignified and serious number within all the glitter and gala. I hope to find that song somewhere in the future.