Etikettarkiv: Sweden


Like the old Aztec population we fall to the ground on our knees and praise the su… No not the sun, the Air Conditioner! It’s working again in the office open space. My apartment is still like a moist sauna, but I know now that won’t change until October.

And then Sweden… The Swedish Foreign Minister now signed the application for Sweden to join NATO and Sweden kind of forgot about this cause it’s population all went “WOW, she can write” – But there is no evidence that she did sign with a pen, she might just have put her thumb print on the application.

And yes, she is from the Social democrat party, so no one is surprised that she up until one week ago looked at NATO as the worst thing anyone could join and be a member of. NATO was Lucifer. But now it is the best thing ever and also as always the application comes with the Social democratic standard explanation to all their change of mind, “Deep inside the social democrats always wanted Sweden to join NATO”.

Ann Linde, Swedens Foreign Minister proves that she can write by signing the Swedish NATO application, at least we hope that is what that is, cause we can’t be sure she can read.

Today I also like to throw in some Swedish, cause it is so true and it is SO me… If anyone wonder about the reason why I sometimes must leave a room when I’m angry – it’s only to not say something I most likely will regret and never would have said in a normal situation.

When the truth can’t be spelled out in a better way.


TGIF, But first…

…Let us celebrate this:

My nephew, Hampus Häggström finally ended the years studying to be a Real Estate Agent at the University in Gävle / Sweden. A big hipp hipp hurrah for him, just days before his birthday by the way.

So now, we can look at the TGIF, if any… I have not planned anything to be honest. Apart from the normal stuff you have to do when you only free on weekends. Shopping, cleaning and longer pass at the gym. And none of those i a TGIF.

But it won’t stop me from wishing you all a TGIF.

Take care,


Who would have guessed?

3 months ago, if anyone asked me then, if Sweden might join NATO I would have laughed so hard… But now it might happen… Thank you stupid Putin. I think the expansion of NATO kind of never been as much as a thought in his mind until now.

So, before more European countries join, leave Ukraine.

Beside that, it feels like Friday today, cause I know half of Europe close from 12h00 today, and open again on Tuesday next week. Most countries, not France though. A Catholic country focus on celebrating military parade days before the more normal religious holidays. They usually a bit more useful cause there are more days in a row than the military days, just placed now and then randomly in the calendar – only useful if they happen to be on a Friday or Monday.

Have it peeps


Children without supervision will be served espresso and get a free kitten

In love with the food culture

Swedish morning radio, today “Tell us things you really want to learn”, and a woman wanted to learn Italian. Fine so, and the reason? She was in love with the Italian food culture and her wish is to visit Italy and eat. Nothing wrong with any of that but my brain went: “Love Italian food culture? Ordering in from Pizza Hut and drinking red wine from a box is not Italian food culture”. I know, I am a bad person.



Around 5 months from now I can actually retire, I can’t afford to retire but I can retire if I want to and if I think living under a bridge in Paris is the most romantic thing to do… Ever.

But fact is it’s time to think about a life after work. Moving to Paris was a 80s dream coming to life way too late in life, and I said a minimum of five years. Those years passed already and now I am in the strange situation to decide what to do next.

It makes sense, at least to me, to leave before my next rental contract is updated. Means in 2024, around 2,5 years from now. Actually less cause I need to give an answer if I sign up for three more years February March 2024.

If I decide to stay, I kind of sign up for staying in Paris, staying with the same company until the real retirement, and if I change employer it will be the last time cause no one will hire someone over 60.

So, stay? move back to Sweden? Try something new and nice and sunny? If this is what I want, I have to initiate this now, time passes faster than you think. But in a perfect world I will marry rich, get a base in Paris and a lot of vacation homes all over the world. Also a dream I should have pushed through in the 80s. Who will find a 95 year old, rich and ready to marry Moi today? Not many of them out there.


Yellow and Blue

He seems to hate everything yellow and blue the good old Putin. According to the US UN Ambassador Putin, in a letter, said he will invade Sweden as well. By chance the same day Russian bomb planes flew in over Swedish territory.

But at the same time, no one seems to have seen this letter, but it can be the letter sent to Swedens government where Russia wanted guarantees that Sweden won’t join the NATO.

So we will see…

More on my personal side I will do the lab tests tomorrow, I got the urin sample kit this morning (from a receptionist who need a serious lesson in Service), did a PCR test at work and got the info that we dont need a Covid pass from the 14th of March.

1 day before the date that FHM (Swedish health authority) on their website a month ago informed that we will have a new covid variant.. How they know that 1 month ahead.

It’s not much of a tail, but I am kind of attached to it.


The sickest country

I can’t promise she ever said that, but who can tell she’s wrong….

Pia Kjærsgaard, Speaker of the Danish Parliament:
“The politically correct Sweden is such a disturbing social structure that it can not be described at all with accepted political science concepts – Sweden is the sickest country in world history”


Both are actually 100% me (apart from the pizza):

Summer 2021, lay down and die

Now it must be said, shit summer 2021 – the only hope for a winter survival is a mild autumn, outdoor seating without “chauffage” at least until the beginning of November, and real heat September and October.

Just rain rain rain, a typical “inguinal fungal infection” summer.

Summer like the one we have now drain your brain from all hope of joy and will to do anything, not even fun things is fun.

Beside the weather? Sweden lost the Football game yesterday against Ukraine – I will not hear the end of that today when working with Ukrainians. But I think the reason for their victory is playing in the Swedish colors “Blue and Yellow” – So I will fight back any bullying.