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Summer 2021, lay down and die

Now it must be said, shit summer 2021 – the only hope for a winter survival is a mild autumn, outdoor seating without “chauffage” at least until the beginning of November, and real heat September and October.

Just rain rain rain, a typical “inguinal fungal infection” summer.

Summer like the one we have now drain your brain from all hope of joy and will to do anything, not even fun things is fun.

Beside the weather? Sweden lost the Football game yesterday against Ukraine – I will not hear the end of that today when working with Ukrainians. But I think the reason for their victory is playing in the Swedish colors “Blue and Yellow” – So I will fight back any bullying.


What a weekend

Rain, thunderstorms and elections. Kind of what this weekend offered. Rain made me more or less watch the 13th season of RuPaul from episode 1 to to the end apart form the final episode, still pending to watch this week.

And where is my manners? Good Morning:

And of course the Covid in France update:

And today Monday we wait for what’s going to happen in Sweden, will the Government fall or will they manage to stay?


Somethings is hard to let go

As the headline today tell you, somethings îs hard to let go off. Like the Radio interview with Greta Thunberg who turned 18 a while ago.

In Sweden 18 is when you get of age to vote, drive, get married etc etc, you are a grown up, if you don’t want to buy a bottle of wine of course, then it’s 20… (Sweden is always fantastic… You can defend your country and kill people but not buy a bottle of alcohol).

In Gretas case it is even more interesting since she is the girl powerful politicians listen too, get inspiration from and try to please, at least in the eye of the media and voters.

So this, now 18 year old woman, have a lot to say and a lot of ideas to be spread world wide.

So think back, or into the future, what did you do when you turned 18, what was on your birthday wish list? A car, or money to take drivers lessons? A party for all your friends? Actually plan to move from home? Travel abroad without having your parents telling you it’s OK?

I can think of more things on the mind of a 18 year old, if the 18 year old not named Greta Thunberg…

01. This is what Greta got at her 18 year old birthday

02. “I got walnuts”

03. Kodjo (one of the shows hosts): “Only a bag of walnuts?”

04. “No, it was whole”

05. “Which was great fun because I’d say I would like to…”

06. ” …try to crack myself. So it was a great gift”

So what is so wrong here, cause no one would expect Greta to have a normal wish for birthdays or Christmases… What is disturbing is that she is 18 years old, a grown up whishing for walnuts so she can “try” too crack them. Again, 18 y.o.

The above is fine, but that powerful CEOs, famous people, Presidents and politicians actually listen to a person who lived 18 year without trying to crack a nut?

Add that environment Greta also got bubble wrap (plastic) and Brussels sprouts in her 18 y.o. birthday gift bag and from her father a t-shirt. We guess a new Antifa* t-shirt so Greta don’t need to borrow her mothers in the future.

Think about it for a while and try to picture it Golden Girls way and imagen the world we might live in when children like Greta will take over. Cause 18 or not, this is not normal what so ever, and “nut” in nutcracker can mean so much more than just a nut.


*) Gretas family posed for a picture dressed in t-shirts from the anarchist group Antifa, Gretas defence was “she borrowed the t-shirt from her mother”


Let us say that the latest poll in Sweden makes me rethink if I want to go back to Sweden at all. How is it even possible that the Green party and Socialist party gain more trust now when the country is in free fall in all areas. Economy, Crimes, Covid and Environment? To find Sweden being called the extreme state in the world, far from “normal” make more and more sense.

Swedes are without a doubt a gang of air heads when it comes to politic.




Mving to Paris I said “minimum of 5 years” and I have now passed that minimum, but think I will deduct the “Corona months” from the 5 years so before screaming “5! years” lets see when we can get back out on the streets again.

In any case I have started to look out for what to do next. I don’t want to go back to Stockholm for sure, so I look at the possibility to move back to my birth city Norrköping and to my surprise I can see that it do not seems to difficult to get an apartment (if you don’t need to live in the city center). So the problem will most likely be to find work and have enough money saved to move back.

Other options I look at, even if not so easy, is of course Malta (unfortunately the job offers I get there can’t cover a life in Malta with loans to pay in Sweden still, or I also look for the possible move to two other favorite cities in Europe, Vienna and Bratislava. So there are options, likely or not, but it look like Norrköping is the most likely one.

So my mind is moving away from staying in Paris for life to going back to my roots.



Another amazing summer day

Yes, again, nice weather, it smells summer… am sure you know the that smell, when you open a window and warm air enter the room with a smell. And here we are, still, no plan to go anywhere beside back to work and the offices. Not abroad, not to a park or café – but I can buy a plastic chair or a new cutlery box, TV or why not a new phone?

Life is not fun and in my old home country, Sweden, people can move more or less free and get upset over the fact that there are countries backing them from travel this summer… So far Norway, Finland, Denmark, Cyprus and most likely Greece – I guess there will be more if not the very upset foreign ministers call for racism agains Swedes and that it is against the EU rules to exclude a EU country.

But I am not so sure that France, if their Covid figures go down after weeks of lock down want to share streets, beaches and restaurants with Swedes and the never ending Corona pandemic in Sweden. Most death per capita in the world together with Belgium. Congratulations.

At the end we don’t know, did Sweden do it right? Or the countries who locked down? The answer will come when we have a vaccine and maybe a year after that.

Strange world


2nd day of fake Eurovision week

The following countries was supposed to compete this year.

Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

And as promised today we work through the most played entries from the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.


Denmark is one of the countries in the modern contest that send songs you usually can hear they are from Denmark, but over all there best years was the 80s and 90s. So what songs have been on my playlist the last years.

  1. “Disco Tango” Tommy Seebach
  2. “New tomorrow” A friend in London
  3. “Vi maler byen röd” Birthe Kjaer
Tommy Seebach “Disco Tango”


So, from Denmark we leave for Estonia who entered the Eurovision with two really good songs their first two years and from then it is ups and downs from one of the countries I visited the most, beautiful Tallinn.

  1. “Kaelakee hääl” Maarja Liis Ilus and Ivo Linna
  2. “Verona” Koit Toome and Laura
  3. “Goodbye to yesterday” Elina Born and Stig Rästa
“Kaelakee hääl” Marja Liis Ilus and Ivo Linna


Poor Finland, the record until their win was not the best in Eurovision, but they have had so many good songs both sent to Eurovision and in their own selection. 2020 not an exception. They had “Cicciolina” Erika Vikman in their selection and it did not win. The strange thing that ever happened, anywhere.

  1. “Bye Bye Baby” CatCat
  2. “Anna rakkaudelle tilaisuus” Seija Simola
  3. “Fantasiaa” Amii Aspelund
CatCat “Bye Bye Baby”


Iceland have never been a huge favorite for me in Eurovision, but they have some really good songs as well and it’s one of the countries worth a win, and it might have happened this year since Iceland was a huge favorite of winning.

  1. “Minn hinsti dans” Paul Oscar
  2. “Heaven” Jonsi
  3. “All out of luck” Selma
Paul Oscar “Minn hinsti dans”


Another of the three Baltic once in the Eurovision Song Contest, like Estonia with a win but at least Latvia won with a good song (even if it might not have aged well), something we never can blame Estonias win to be.

  1. “What for?” Aisha
  2. “I wanna” Marie N
  3. “Cake to bake” Aarzemnieki
Aisha “What for?”


Last of the Baltic countries is Lithuania, also a huge favorite to win 2020… Yes, the cancelled one. Lithuania is the only Baltic country still waiting for their first win. So this might have been their chance. But let us forget it for a while and check out the most played Lithuanian entries.

  1. “Little by little” Laura and the lovers
  2. “On fire” The Roop (2020 entry)
  3. “What happened to your love” Linas and Simona
Laura and the lovers “Little by little”


As a Swede I can say it… Our nice neighbours, we give them points and they give us points, thank you, mange talk! Also a lot of great songs coming from Norway, just show the three most played once. But it is the deal.

  1. “Hold on be strong” Maria Haukaas Storeng
  2. “Lenge leve livet” Dollie de luxe
  3. “Alle mine tankar” Silje Vige
Maria Haukaas Storeng “Hold on be strong”

Sverige Sweden Suéde

Let’s go then, the three most played Swedish entries. It’s not often Sweden ends up sending my selection number one so the Swedish final entries actually not often played that much. But here they are.

  1. “If I were sorry” Frans
  2. “Det gör ont” Lena Philipsson
  3. “Take me to your heaven” Charlotte Perrelli
Frans “If I were sorry”

So that was the final one today, more most played tomorrow and remember this is the most played songs, not necessarily the same as the best once.


O la la

Normally time fly, but not in Corona times. Day after day looks the same. Routines, new routines, form under the mighty name of confinement. The new God is named Macron and the new campfire is 20h00 when neighbours open their windows clapping, if not reveal an alcohol addiction and sing opera without being asked to. 2020 is not the year really.

One thing I Tweet, post and write at least a few times every year is the fact that it’s not dangerous to be bored from time to time. It’s good for the human to be bored and not have anything to do between all the activities we try to fill our free time with. But even I must say that we soon reached the limit of boredom.

My mind has already gone into the mood of vacation planning. I need sun, beach and Morocco. I also need to loose weight, more now than ever, this is not good. I must plan for the dentist and what to do when I must have my new prescription, can my doctor send a new one? And don’t mention that I am in need of new glasses again. I have again reached the point when my sight is as bad with my glasses as it was without them when I got them.

But here I am, together with many many French people and colleagues home working, now with two computers. Work computer and private computer, one with music and one with emails and folders.

And remember that we work from home:

Have fun peeps


What? fruit?

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I bought fruit. Looking into my book of what I bought since I moved to France this is the first time it happen… No Lie, I had fruit at the “Melodifestivalen” Party few years back, but apart from that no fruit what so ever.

So to save my face I bought Spanish Clementines (Nor Moroccan) and play that I do it for or friends in Spain in their moment of need. Can’t say I eat fruit…

Beside that the lock down, more lock in, keep on going and a new record of dead people in France so the 15 days will for sure be longer. And I find myself regretting Im not an alcoholic so I can drink wine all days and don’t give a… of staying in or work.

Unfortunately I’m not so just keep going and try to do the best in this situation. But I can see that things coming up. March, my 3 month dentist appointment, a must to continue the ongoing treatment seems to fly out the window. I am not even sure dentists still see patients…

And tonight I think I will listen to “Nisse Hult” or his real name, Stefan Löfvén, Swedish PM and see what he tell Sweden. So far my home country been very cool in the Corona times and I appreciate that but guess the Swedes will find themselves in look down too in a near future. Maybe not tonight, but in a week or two.

Until then, happy Swedes still able to go to a café or bar and meet with people.