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Another TGIF coming up

The photo tells it all, it’s weekend so why not introduce rain the citizens of Paris??? Not a surprise to the followers of Eeyore, just saying.

But it was a nice trip to work today, not too much people on the Metro, enough of the still wearing a mask (you don’t have to do it nowadays) and with doubtful enthusiasm I accepted to sit when a younger man offered me his seat, even if I have to admit that a part of me really got offended. And at the end I found myself face to face with Lisa Ekdahl….

Lisa Ekdahl in Paris in September 2022 at Olympia. A bit of a WOW moment in the French Metro

But let’s hope I will be able to finish the PPT today so I hopefully can push work out of the mindset over the weekend, and let’s hope todays rain will end before I get home… I had such a good schedule for this evening, and rain is not a part of the plan.

Todays “What the French do” – I have a new advisor at my bank, my fourth. So far, and one of the reasons why I picked that office, all of them been speaking English. Different grades of English but it has worked out well. Since my bank also is my insurance company here I sent them a query yesterday what will happen if they need to tear down the wall in my apartment and I got an answer in French, which is fine in text cause you can always figure out what it means.

But the best part of it all is that she answer me in French telling me to call the insurance hotline and everyone speaks English… Why don’t you then? A typical French thing. Been through this with Orange (where I have my phone and TV subscription) as well as American Express France. The “no problem, all in our call center speaks English”… OK, they might do so, but they for sure don’t want to or admit to it. So that is why both Orange and American Express don’t see me add new services, at the end, they loose an income.

Of course it is better to learn French when in France, but at the moment we wait for a new idea from HR to what kind of course I am suppose to take. Cause I still want to, but as it’s been it’s not been working out for me.

So, have a nice TGIF, drink and make love all weekend…


TGIF, But first…

…Let us celebrate this:

My nephew, Hampus Häggström finally ended the years studying to be a Real Estate Agent at the University in Gävle / Sweden. A big hipp hipp hurrah for him, just days before his birthday by the way.

So now, we can look at the TGIF, if any… I have not planned anything to be honest. Apart from the normal stuff you have to do when you only free on weekends. Shopping, cleaning and longer pass at the gym. And none of those i a TGIF.

But it won’t stop me from wishing you all a TGIF.

Take care,


TGIF – and it shows

Plan for the weekend… Finally have a chance to take my half Friday off that’s been cancelled a few weeks now, haircut, walk home in the sunny spring weather, celebrate “Valborg” tomorrow at the Swedish Student home and use the bike as much as possible.

So, TGIF is here and it has not started to rain yet… But let us say it will, soon, and if it rain tomorrow during one of the Swedish outdoor holidays, why even bother?



But it’s also 13 years ago since this:

Take care now, and I hope TGIF is better and more hopeful somewhere else in the world.


TGIF week 16 2022

Can’t add much more this week, yesterday was not as fun as previous days, but after one blood pressure increasing happening I slowed done and at the end of the day all was fine.

On the other hand I have this strange cold going on, or allergy. No fever etc but breathing feels like someone forced a piece of ember down my throat, it fu**ing hurt.

Enjoy you Friday and weekend now. I will stay inside most of the weekend and make sure this respiratory thing heal until next week.


For you who not believe in UFOs 🙂

TGIF – Yeah, sure…

Paris look like someone above empty a gigantic bucket of water over the city… TGIF, not so much.

So caused by rain I’m angry from the start of the day, so let’s complaint.

First, I was supposed to have 3 days off this week, maybe even go to Stockholm (thank heaven I did not, in Paris rain in Sweden snowstorms) but first HR have not had time to put my, so called, recuperation days in the system. Then work, not my responsibility really, made me put other tasks a side so get days off not so manageable and with colleagues knowing I was supposed to be free – NON have asked why I am at work. Final word about that.

And then entering the Metro and today happy to have space, almost as much personal space zone as a Swede needs to be happy, so what happens? Someone, without a reason what so ever, with 2 meters of free space in all directions stand pressed up too me!!! Not the first time I wonder how French people look at personal space. They have a need to more or less crawl on top of you even if there is so much space. Just like in an empty cafè, a place I pick just cause it is more or less empty, and still if someone else arrives they sit down at the table next to you… Why? The Parisians don’t want to speak to you so it’s not that. Why sit in my lap when there is 200 free tables around? This is a thing I never understand with the French.

Today I also need to make a second tour at the gym, so nothing can keep me in office after 12h00, TGIF in the rain


When men judge the Miss world candidates by complaint on their looks…. Say no more

1st of April 2022, SNOW

…and it’s not even a joke, it is the terrible truth. So thanks heaven there is TGIF, no need to even step outside your home until Monday next week… Yes, after you return back home today that is, at least now since I cancelled my day off as usual when work kind of took over.

I was supposed to finalize some things yesterday, stuff in need to be done this week, but cause of working tools not available as they should have I am in office today as well.

And today, since I completely sucked big time holding my diet the pasted week I am also 100% aware that a 2 kg addition to this old obese body will be the result at this afternoons weight in. And I will for sure eat something unhealthy this evening. What can you do when it’s snowing in Paris in the spring? You need a “pick me up” plan, and comfort food is a good plan.

Or as said when I arrived today, no when colleagues arrived, “Today I will either kill myself, or someone else”. Sad enough the only two people in today is nice ones so it might be myself then….

But TGIF can also be celebrated with music and from nowhere a Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boy’s single is out there… Made me happy, sound 80s.

Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys “Purple zone”


TGIF again then

Let us tell the world that to include Fridays in the weekend (aka Free Friday) is brilliant… Even if, as today, the day off is caused my visits to the doctor and hopefully finally get the third vaccine shot, it is less stressful, really.

Actually been able to do the 90 minutes workout in the morning without stressing back home, quick shower and away to work is brilliant.

And on top of it all it’s Våffeldagen, (waffle day), so Swedish waffles might be on the menu today. All depending on the action from the vaccine shot. As you know I usually get a high fever for 24 hours after a vaccine shot, whatever it is. So, if the shot is done today, we will see if waffles is in my future.

Beside that I think of my poor colleague who is on vacation in the States and must now realize it’s over and return back to Switzerland and start to work next week. You know the feeling, like the worst kind of illness running through your body and the brain screams “quit baby quit”.

In his case it’s even worse since he went back “home”. A vacation going back home is never a vacation, you return back feeling like a wet rag.

Take care and have a TGIF all day now.


TGIF – But Saturday

My mind kind of surprise me on a daily basis, like today. I left the gym well aware that I was 5 minutes late, so I tried to plan how to earn those 5 minutes back to not arrive later at work and cause of that be forced to stay longer at work on a Friday.

Safe back home, quick jumping into the shower which from today is an amazing time machine cause when I got out I was 100% sure it was Saturday and calmly sat down to figure out if I wanted thè or coffee… Before reality hit me, it’s Friday. But I could have taken a day off without knowing I actually had a fake day off.

To something else, Spotify. I finally have some playlists in place so I now can share the link to my space in Spotify. One thing I do like with Spotify is to see what others listen to, and find new songs and artists. If you are on Facebook and we are friends there Spotify show me you are there, and also have a Spotify account. Not all share that so the option is to follow people (artists as well) so you can follow me on Sportify, and I will for sure follow you back.


Beside that, have a nice weekend


TGIF – March 11

More or less crawled to work today, with no firmness in my legs… But how to combine 60 minute workout, 7 days a week with 1 day off to rest is beyond my imagination.

And tomorrow we have the Swedish final of Melodifestivalen 2022, and someone will win, and someone will go to Turin and compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. Let us guess Cornelia, Bagge or if kids will have to power over the televotes, Klara.

I rule for Cornelia, Medina or Bagge. If an of them win I am actually happy. But if we want to win in Turin I guess Cornelia is the one, but not so sure anymore since a few countries have similar genre.

Most of the countries now picked their entries and my ESC playlist is soon complete so it is time to see what songs will be played most, but also important… The songs with most fast forward, they are kind of the ones I can’t stand… So it need to be included in the final decision.

And for you who think it is important to be a good worker I give you this as a TGIF…



Let us start with the fact it is Friday… And enjoy the fact that at least that is true and verified.

Then… Just for fun Eurovision friends, let us compare songs.

Bilal Hassani represented France in Eurovision 2019 with, what was announced to be a song, “Roi”. He also released an album the same year with the track “Basic” on it.

The other song is the Israeli singer Michael Ben David, who will represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Please listen and leave comments in the comments section….

“BASIC” by Bilal Hassani from 2019 – Click here

“I.M.” by Michael Ben David from 2022Click here

Something to compare, discuss at home and celebrate TGIF, LOL!