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R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II

Not English, but from another country with monarchy, so when Royalties passes it is a thing. Even more so when the person been on the post as long as you been alive. So rest in peace Elizabeth II…

And from the death of the Queen of England to a TGIF the step seems long, but life goes on and so do the seasons. This morning the bike ride to work really reminded me of what’s in the cards for the near future… Winter. It was cold, really really cold. Time to gear up and find where I put the scarfs and bike gloves last year.

It’s also soon time to put on the reflective west in the mornings, it is getting darker in the mornings, fast.. I guess it’s dark outside when I leave for work in perhaps 2 weeks? We will see.

Got a Timehop reminder from 2020 this morning, a picture from “after the gym” 2020, so I took a selfie this morning to compare and see if there really is any changes – and I must say I see some kg’s gone. Not sure the result looks better, but it must be healthier – I hope.

After gym 2020, vs. After gym 2022 (both 9th of September). 2020 could hardly breath after 30 minutes on the treadmill (it was the objective then), now OK I sweat but don’t look like I am going to pass away… And after 60 minutes nowdays.

TGIF Peeps, see ya!


PS: I want time to fly so I can go home and have some wine.

TGIF – August 2022

So, finally the end of the week. And no morning rain so still on my bike, no Metro card bought, not even a single ticket for RATP this month. Only bad thing right now is that Wednesday next week looks rainy in the reports.

Been a strange week also for other reasons, the music selection on iTunes this week is strange… Top 10 songs:

Top ten songs on my iTunes this week.

While Spotify continue in the same way, nostalgia.

My Spotify, most played artists, past four weeks. Nostalgia goes on, not much “new” releases there.

So have a nice TGIF, and remember to pop the Champagne to celebrate weekend coming.


TGIF – Again

So another TGIF, and a better one cause I won’t be in office for 2 weeks now. Yes, I know, I complaint a lot that we need to take 2 weeks off in summer when it’s true stupidity to do so… We need vacation in winter, not during summer. But, the law is there, and I will be off work for two weeks.

And the Swedish store is also soon closed for the summer, so I pasted by yesterday to get the important stuff: Grillkrydda, Yes, mustard, Lingonberry jam, shrimp paste and pickled beets.

The some other stuff just happen to be there so Falukorv, våffelmix and Trocadero made room in the shopping bag. But if it’s possible I will do another tour there today or tomorrow to add some not important but yummie stuff as well. I noticed more Trocadero bottles and also Pommac, and of course Ostbågar, Bilar etc.

With that, have a nice TGIF and I will living of Falukorv this weekend, short date 🙂


TGIF – Try something new?

I am told that if I want more visitors to my web / blogg / Eurovision information site the best way is to add words like PornHub, Cam4, Xvideos, GuysWithiPhones and maybe a “naked male celebs” – But I dont know if I want words like that on my site, So I decided to not take that road to be fabulous.

So not much to say today really. I will meet up with friends this evening, which stresses me, as always when my free time is “booked” by something (fun or not fun). And to make sure I will be in time for the after work I took half day off today. Yes, if not it’s not sure you will be able to leave in time, even if you worked your hours.

But have a nice TGIF and I leave you with a rerun of a favorite:

Shoplifters will be Prostituted – Todays TGIF



And not only TGIF, it’s Midsummer the Swedish way. And seriously kind of a sad day when you are Swedish and look at Instagram pictures of how fun people in Sweden have today – and you sit in an country where today is a normal, boring working day and it’s raining.

Midsummer is the real Swedish National day, whatever people say about the 6th of June – Midsummer is the day when Swedes celebrate. Just try to be a tourist in Sweden on this day and you find an empty, closed and locked down world if you don’t end up on an island or way outside the larger cities.

Midsummer for Dummies

More Midsummer info

Take care out there and go all in for a Midsummer fiesta



“Wow, I will buy myself a big electric scooter so I can take it with me on the Metro”. It’s spreading people, it’s spreading. RATP should ban scooters for adults in the Metro during rush hour (and if do so maybe also make controls, cause checking things is not RATPs best feature). And I thought that people got a scooter, bike or even roller blades or skateboards to be free from the Metro and cars.

Just read the text under the picture, it’s a huge “why” in my life.

And happy TGIF


Another TGIF coming up

The photo tells it all, it’s weekend so why not introduce rain the citizens of Paris??? Not a surprise to the followers of Eeyore, just saying.

But it was a nice trip to work today, not too much people on the Metro, enough of the still wearing a mask (you don’t have to do it nowadays) and with doubtful enthusiasm I accepted to sit when a younger man offered me his seat, even if I have to admit that a part of me really got offended. And at the end I found myself face to face with Lisa Ekdahl….

Lisa Ekdahl in Paris in September 2022 at Olympia. A bit of a WOW moment in the French Metro

But let’s hope I will be able to finish the PPT today so I hopefully can push work out of the mindset over the weekend, and let’s hope todays rain will end before I get home… I had such a good schedule for this evening, and rain is not a part of the plan.

Todays “What the French do” – I have a new advisor at my bank, my fourth. So far, and one of the reasons why I picked that office, all of them been speaking English. Different grades of English but it has worked out well. Since my bank also is my insurance company here I sent them a query yesterday what will happen if they need to tear down the wall in my apartment and I got an answer in French, which is fine in text cause you can always figure out what it means.

But the best part of it all is that she answer me in French telling me to call the insurance hotline and everyone speaks English… Why don’t you then? A typical French thing. Been through this with Orange (where I have my phone and TV subscription) as well as American Express France. The “no problem, all in our call center speaks English”… OK, they might do so, but they for sure don’t want to or admit to it. So that is why both Orange and American Express don’t see me add new services, at the end, they loose an income.

Of course it is better to learn French when in France, but at the moment we wait for a new idea from HR to what kind of course I am suppose to take. Cause I still want to, but as it’s been it’s not been working out for me.

So, have a nice TGIF, drink and make love all weekend…


TGIF, But first…

…Let us celebrate this:

My nephew, Hampus Häggström finally ended the years studying to be a Real Estate Agent at the University in Gävle / Sweden. A big hipp hipp hurrah for him, just days before his birthday by the way.

So now, we can look at the TGIF, if any… I have not planned anything to be honest. Apart from the normal stuff you have to do when you only free on weekends. Shopping, cleaning and longer pass at the gym. And none of those i a TGIF.

But it won’t stop me from wishing you all a TGIF.

Take care,