Etikettarkiv: TGIF

Started off well

This day started with a nice morning, good workout, not too many cars on roads and then… Typical “Eeyore”, arrived to the office and the bike parking was sealed off. Note that it’s the company bike parking, so not the ones you find on the streets used by everyone.

No one knows why, but I can’t wait for an answer or go down to the common bike parking, around 10 minutes away, needed to start the day first. Then I can move the bike.

So now lets see if someone will kill me, or even more interesting, why? And why don’t they tell a day before? It’s like when it is strikes in Paris, HR send a message to tell us that we can work from home, and they do it in the evening before the strike. So most people miss it, cause they have left the office.

Anything good then? Yes, it is TGIF, I had today been to the gym and reached by objectives 390 days in a row. Feel free to celebrate!!!

Have a nice weekend now.



The day after the strike

So, the day after the strike, the first in a line of strikes, started with a very “crisp” bike ride to work. 0 degrees and cause of yesterdays strike, a lot of queues when garbage trucks collect and empty trash cans. No trash was taken care of yesterday. So a lit of bins to care for. But it’s winter, so no stench… Strikes in summer is not that fun if we talk garbage.

In any case, apart from the blocked streets caused by garbage trucks we also have the deliveries to bars, restaurants and supermarkets, before the weekend. Kind of the normal street blockers on a Friday. Not making it easy to be in the traffic, but way easier to go on a bike than taking the car.

So, cold and blocked streets made it into a way longer ride than normal and right now I try to defrost by turning the heat up at work. All before the colleagues arrives and the war on how many degrees we need to not die of heat or cold begins.

Apart from that, have a nice TGIF now… If you, like me, have Champagne still in the fridge, after the new year… Go for it… Or wait until the 22nd and celebrate the Chinese new year. But if so, take the day off on Monday.


TGIF – And Eurovision

So, it’s now a month ago since the Lucia celebrations at the Swedish church in Paris. It’s the reason behind the picture today. Time pass so fast and at the same time each day (if not a weekend or holiday) stands still, but we have a new TGIF today!

So yesterday we finally learned that La Zarra will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, splendid choice and France can be sure that it will look and sound good on the stage in Liverpool in May 2023. Quality, not necessary the same as a success in Eurovision, but good!

La Zarra for France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

So maybe it’s time to look back at 2022 years Eurovision and Swedish selection by listing the top 10 most played Melodifestivalen- and Eurovision songs. (Please note that the Swedish Melodifestivalen winner is only listed in the Eurovision list, not under Melodifestivalen).

Most Played songs from Melodifestivalen 2022:

  1. “Bigger than the Universe” – Anders Bagge
  2. “In i dimman” – Medina
  3. “I can’t get enough” – Cazzi Opeia
  4. “Som du vill” – Theoz
  5. “Best to come” – Lisa Miskovsky
  6. “Suave” – Alvaro Estrella
  7. “Face in the crowd” – Browsing Collection
  8. “Moving like that” – Omar Rudberg
  9. “Lyckligt slut” – Lancelot
  10. “La stella” – Tenori

Most Played songs from Eurovision 2022:

  1. “SloMo (Eurovision dancebreak version)” – Chanel
  2. “Hold me closer” – Cornelia Jakobs
  3. “SloMo” – Chanel
  4. “Miss you” – Jèrèmie Makiese
  5. “Llàmame” – WRS
  6. “Saudade, Saudade” – Maro
  7. “Give that wolf a banana” – Subwoolfer
  8. “That’s rich” – Brooke
  9. “SNAP” – Rosa Linn
  10. “Ela” – Andromache

So, with that it’s time to leave you for this Friday, take care and don’t forget to drink a lot alcohol – it’s easier to find life funny then, especially in winter.


The first TGIF of 2023

And do we need a really nice TGIF!!! Only 3 working days for me this week, and a feeling of “where to start” – so almost not start at all, waiting for others to deliver so i can go on.

Did not drink any Champagne on new year so maybe I will open the bottles today, or one of them. A VCP Brut is on the fridge together with some other brands so it is a possible outcome of this Friday.

Another is to go to go and do the laundry tonight instead of tomorrow, so it’s kind of done and I can put my fat ass in the sofa over the weekend.

But have a nice TGIF and weekend now.


So many questions

Yeah, Laila is still with me

Laila (my bike) is still with me in the morning going to work, but after a few days with minus degrees it start to get cumbersome to be honest. Look forward to come to work not covered in ice, or when no minus degrees, covered in rain.

I also need to leave Laila for a check up, a winter check up, at the bike garage. Never made a winter check up on any bike I have owned to be honest. Only spring check.

TGIF today though, also only 2 work days (today included) before vacation. A staycation.

Take care


TGIF – Nouvelle version 2022

Started the bike ride to work with an ear worm in my head, “Mourir sur scéne” by Dalida… And kind wondered if it was a sign to actually stay in bed and not leave the apartment at all? In any case I arrived to work and by chance googled the song (spell check actually) and cause of that noticed a new version been released now in 2022… Hopefully its not only released as a video thingy, but actually on music platforms as well. Seriously good update of that song.


So that is my TGIF gift to all of you today. The last TGIF before a week of Conference that could have been an email.


TGIF – A very special TGIF

Released today! Mylène Farmer and “L’ emprise” – no problem to know what to do this weekend – listen in to the album and decide if it’s good or not… Most likely it is.

The download is already made, so now, with some luck, FNAC will be manageable to visit today on my way home (Black Friday usually a nightmare there), and buy the special CD edition, the normal CD and if I can figure out a way to bike with the vinyl I buy that one as well. But vinyl can wait.

Mylène Farmer L’ emprise” 2022 release 25th of November

Beside all this, have a nice and fun TGIF – and for heavens sake at least download the album and discover it.


TGIF 18 November 2022

Even if this picture is an old one she is with me still, and now it’s 18th of November… Feels more like it’s time to put on skies and go to work than going by bike.


Yesterday I made an on site visits at one of our partners offices here in Paris. And it is doing stuff like that I actually get how much I like my work. It bring some new “oumpf” and Chutzpah into work, more new and good energy. So, so far today I am in a good mood. Promising from a TGIF point of view.

And even if more or less unknown in Sweden do not forget this banger of song that make any party a good and safe place to be in.



TGIF 04 November

Must say I am happy to announce to the world that it is the 4th of November and I still bike to work… But it’s cold now, really cold. So I don’t think I will go on for much longer. The plan was to go to the bike clothes store in Marais and gear up but the back tax thing killed those plans.

And today I arrived to work, it’s Friday normally a day when everyone works from home and today it seems like everyone is working from the office. Killed the nice Friday vibe we have when we only a few persons in. Music on all day and even if all is working it is a relaxed mood all over. Now at 09h05 people run around stressed as hell… Do not understand why.

I also want to push for a new single on all platforms by Marc de Saint Vincent. Listen, add to playlists and buy.

Carbon Killer & Marc de Saint Vincent “Bolt (Marc remix)”

With that, have a nice TGIF. And remember Fridays is only there to wrap the week up so you can leave a bit earlier and apero the hell out of you.


28th of October – TGIF and departures

Arrived to work later than expected, I don’t know why I lingered around at home for so long, but shit happens. This TGIF is also the day when Mother Nature decided to kill of one of her children, that’s me.

First a fall down the stairs at the gym, then for some reason the pedals on my bike got stuck when leading it from the bike parking out on the street and pushing it made the pedal hit my knee so bad that I could not bend my leg at all. Needed to hit the back of the knee to “unlock” it – it still hurts on a kidney stone scale.

Add a bike ride to work mostly wrestling with the child abduction vans on Rue Legendre. The vans, wider than the street, is everywhere in Paris, and when on a narrow road it’s a nightmare. And why are they so popular in France and Belgium. Whats wrong with people?

But apart from that, it is TGIF – a bit sad TGIF… Two colleagues leave work today, and soon it’s time to train another intern. All in the middle of Conference preps.