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The Circle Games

So after USA and Brazil the French “The Circle” now released on Netflix. For you who never seen the circle I can say that it’s hard to not stop watching when you start.

The American version started it all for me and it was really good, whilst the Brazilian one kind of never got to the level of the American one. I think it is cause the humor in Brazil is very different from mine, also the fact what is considered as a beautiful or sexy person.

And from yesterday Netflix stream the French version of the circle, in France named “The Circle Game” cause in France they don’t understand it’s not a game if you don’t add “Game” to the title.

So what is the Circle? It is a social media game, in the beginning created to show how people judge others on social media and how much people lie on social media. And as long as the series is in it’s first seasons it is really interesting, but I think it will be more game less experiment when people start to understand how to play it. Just like Big Brother were fantastic the first season and than when the participants started to play for TV more than inside the house the show went downhill fast.

The circle is made to see all episodes direct during one or two days, it’s addictive so make sure you have time too watch it all before you start. Perfect for “lock down” weekends.

As said I am in the French version right now, I have many episodes lift even if I sat up too 2 this night but I will for sure see all the episodes tonight.

So, this is my watch in Corona times recommendation, see the Circle.

Apart from that I am not happy that most of Europe is free today, bank holidays, but not the Catholic France. So strange

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Today 3 years ago

So what did you do on this day 3 years ago? I sat on a ferry on my way to the statue of liberty in New York, freezing my balls off but it was worth it at the end.

Time flies, and my decision to go back to USA at least every second year to discover the cities I want to discover kind of failed. Not been back yet, so Boston, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, St Barbara, Las Vegas and New Orleans still pending to host me… I doubt they look at it that way but sometimes you need to put the “I” first.

And than a huge jump to what happened in Sweden yesterday when the followers of their Godess Gretus (Greta Thunberg) forced the Government to tax plastic bags. SO the 0.10 euro plastic bag, when shopping, all of a sudden will cost you euro 0.70

The Gretus herself at the same time announced that she will brand protect her name, Greta Thunberg. So if that will go through this blog post will cost me… All to fill the pockets of the family Thunberg / Ernman.

Believe me, the Green party movements in Europe will destroy the continent as we know it.

C’est la vie


The vote yesterday:

My visitors – encore

Way back I posted a blog post on the fact that I think that people reading (or at least visiting) my blog comes from strange places to visit my website.

There is, let us say, no connection what so ever…

And again, a few months later we have a new scenario

USA? Ukraine? I can say I can see a connection between myself and Sweden and France but China?

Let us see if this continues


Loosing Sweden

My web page visitor statistics just get more and more confusing. The normal situation for a Sweden in Paris posting stuff on the web must be Swedish visitors… Maybe some French… But right now? USA? Really? And even if we take the Eurovision posts in to account it won’t explain the Americans.


My visitors

After a month some “?”

After a bit over one month as the proud owner of a website, and yes I still work on many of the pages. At this time I feel it was a huge mistake to add pages for Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. Feels a bit like placing a toddler in Sahara and say “Build a sand castle”… But I will manage and then most likely get a new bright idea and need to change it all…

But look at my visitors! Swedes in top not a huge surprise, but USA, China, Canada and South Korea? Not likely to google me or not even Eurovision, and if so I’m not likely to be at the top of the search.

Countries I miss among  my top ten visitors, Malta and Norway, my friends there obviously either enjoying the sun or are out on “tur”.

In any case, my little place in cyberspace have around 20 visits a day, not much I know but seriously it is more people than family members so good there. But during Eurovision week I reached around 250 visits a day so we have some potential here.

Have a nice day my friends, family and unknown visitors from around the world.