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So, finally managed to work myself through the last season of “RuPauls drag race All stars 6”, and I think it’s time to put the show to sleep now. It is on palliative care now. And when, all of a sudden, post op guys, now women, is looked at as drag queens I’m not sure “drag” in drag race is the think. We just wait for the first drag kings to enter the competition. And of course they will go to the final.

Sorry for Jan though, but to be honest, lay of the drag Jan and go for singing and acting. Think in the long run it’s your thing.

So, again, nice it’s winter, Biathlon!!! Not nice it’s December, works “Annual General Assembly” – “Nightmare before Christmas”.

And since it’s winter. Still wanna move to Sweden? Especially north?

41 Nordic degrees, zummie….. NOT!


The new ice age

Depending on your age you think Ice Age is a cartoon or you might even experienced the real thing? If you are born before 1970 and brought up in Scandinavia the real ice age occur between October and May EVERY YEAR… Some people, though, will try to make the world believe that the ice age took place around 2.4 billion years ago, but as a Swede I know that is a lie. It is a awful thing repeating itself every year in the Nordic countries and unfortunately in January 2020 in Paris, France.

I must say that it’s never been this cold EVER south of Denmark. It hurts when you inhale oxygen to stay alive so this morning I played with the thought to actually stop breathing and give up, or at least stay on the bus and refuse to exit and go to work. Just be transported around in Paris, lap after lap on bus 21 and maybe prepare some for the French class on Friday. Another anxiogenic activity supposed to be fun but just creates stress.

So, if you read this post on the 21st of January 2020 from your home or a Hotel in Paris at least consider to pull the cover over your head and stay in. Might not benefit your career but for sure it will boost your mental health as well as a normal body temperature.


Time to go spring in Paris

This morning kind of screamed “Stay in bed it’s winter outside”. And it is cold again together with the fact that all of Paris prepares for the summer maintenance of roads, houses and public transportation. They dig everywhere and block Metro and Bus lines thinking that fewer people will use them during summer. Maybe so… In August!!!

I survive that all of Paris at the moment look like a construction but not the return of winter, I do not accept it


Snow in Paris

As you all can see snow in Paris is as grey, boring, wet and cold as in Stockholm. The world need to learn that snow only look good on postcards and maybe in the Alps if it’s sun at the same time.

My mantra today among the French and other nationalities I work with, who all think they love this, is wait until you have spent a week in a city with real winter… Then snow is the main reason for promoting global warming.


Been a while

So, long time since any posts

Yes, sorry for this but life goes on and time flies so what to do as they say in India?

Since last I have been visiting Sweden and both Norrköping and Stockholm on the agenda and this evening I will (in Paris) take my not so petit body to a concert. No time between leaving work and going to the venue. I hate that, I want to shower and change clothes to at least look like a fan of pop… But no.

But going back in time, visited Norrköping to pay my respect to the people in the family grave, it was All Saints Day after all and planned to meet with more people than the once I actually managed to meet up with during two days.

Stockholm, also for 2 days, kind of being Stockholm as always. Just some shopping, a few beers with friends and not so much more. Stockholm is not all that…

But now back in France I hope to be able to post more.


Daylight saving

Maybe the best thing EU ever done

So finally we might get rid of the stupid idea of daylight saving time in Europe. Face the facts, Sweden don’t need it, if anything we need winter daylight saving. And to move the the daylight to appear in the evening during winter one hour is a joke. We need to adjust the “normal” time with 4 – 5 hours. Try that as a project…


The picture found on internet, please tell me if not allowed to use it

Omsvängning i närklimatet

Från vinter till “sommar” på 1 dag

När man nu lyssnar lite på folk runt omkring suckas det över värmen som kom på en dag. Jag förstår inte… Det är inte optimalt nej, men snälla, vem föredrar inte att svettas som en gnu om dagarna istället för att sitta inlåst och tokfrysa?

Tyvärr har dessa två vårdagar (som egentligen gick från vinter till sommar direkt) inte inneburit så mycket njuta för undertecknad. Konferensvecka i Madrid nästa vecka och det är som vanligt “sista minuten” som gäller. Jag har imorgon måndag i Paris på mig också och det lär väl vara då jag jobbar med de sista ändringarna, kopiera de sista bilagorna som skall med och det som jag fasar mest inför… Packa. Jag hatar att packa. Jag älskar att ha rest till “någonstans” men vägen dit? Nej, packa, resa och transfers är inte min tekopp. Och att resa för jobb än mindre så.

Men, det är inte vinter längre, men se upp, jag är 100% säker på att det kommer vara regn på tisdag då jag ska resa. Väskor, material och transporter… Självklart regn.