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Today it’s ticket releases

Today, have no idea from what time (can’t find the info) for the release of the tickets to Myléne Farmer 2019 – The film in November 2019.

I struggle… Buy or not, for heavens sake the film will be released on DVD and I have seen the show twice already, I kind of between two bales of hay or maybe a rock and a hard place.

Again it is a once in a lifetime experience but for a movie? Really Mr Björn, think think think

Beside this it is another major hot fantastic day in Paris. And of course it’s never fun to work when it’s extremely hot and the Paris Metro ligne 13 smells extra nice when people sweat as pigs but still… It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s amazing.

Remember this in February when winter never seems to end, whatever Greta Thunberg say.


windy city

This morning Paris turned Chicago and went 100% Windy City. The so called “GatuPratare” outside work was for sure not standing up and I still do not know if the flag on the building where I work was taken down by the staff or if it actually blow away. I was lucky enough to not enter into the Ligne 13 later this morning cause when the weather is bad all the people takes the Metro.



Yes, I start my weekend after todays work. Not that tomorrow will be a bundle of joy, 6 month check up at the doctors office, doing the laundry (big one not fit for doing at home), des devoirs and tidy up my place.

But all to prepare for the “Gaultier Fashion Freakshow” on Saturday. And looking at the weather, since rain when you going somewhere like that is not fun, might be ok. Even if Sunday screams rain and it might rain leaving Folies Bergeres, I will be dry getting there.


Any plans to visit Paris in the near future?

A great hot summer

A great hot summer is bound to be followed by a period of less great sunny weather and it feels like we getting closer to some rainy weeks (rainy weeks means really normal Paris weather). So if you plan to visit Paris from the upcoming weekend (no rain on the reports but clouds) remember to pack either an umbrella or a rain coat.

My recommendation to a tourist going to Paris (or Brussels) is to forget the umbrella and pack a rain coat small enough to carry around in a bag or back pack, or even better a rain poncho. Yes, it’s not so hot and sexy to walk around in a rain coat or poncho but Paris side walks are narrow and it’s a surprisingly windy city so umbrellas might cause you some unexpected encounters like when it breaks cause of the wind or the fact that you can’t move forward cause you meet people.

And as a tourist you like to have both hands free for “Kodak moments” (no one under 40 years old will get that one) or easy access to a bag, backpack or pockets and whatever you have there.

If you still think sexy is the main look to have during a rain shower or a complete rainy day dress in your see through rain poncho and go commando under it. You won’t get far but you made a statement.

In any case, remember, umbrellas are a nice thing but not always the best choice and you might soon discover, like me and the native population, that just surrender and get wet, the umbrellas can’t be used anyway in a crowd, but a rain coat can….