Etikettarkiv: Weekend

Sunday – Before work

So, last Sunday before work week at the office start again. I have been so stressed to forget anything so it feels more like going to a new job than back to the old one.

So with a smooth start, 3 days in the office and 2 back home I hope to be able to not catch the virus. Strange isn’t it, I feel I care more now after the tests than before.

And then the pasted weekend, I wanted a glass of wine after work on Friday but when I finally turned the computer off I actually only opened a bottle of Perrier. And Saturday did not offer any party mode at all so it was a very calm weekend but I started to watch Game of Thrones as you know. And no, it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not drawn in to the story and with dragons, zombies and ghosts… It’s a no from me. Maybe I will be able to finish all seasons but it’s not a priority.

Take care


Before a 4 day leave

Thursday morning and just 8 hours work until a few days off, 4 of them including the weekend. All to take as many days from last years vacation as possible.

And what do I hope for over the upcoming days… Honestly I need some cold rainy days to actually do what I need to do at home but on the other hand I also hope for some sunny days and warm evenings to sit in a cafè just being me… No, the two can not be combined…

Let’s see what the future will bring



Some Fridays pass like they were invented as “normal” days while some of them arrives and tell you “Hi friend, you made good this week, whatever others tell you” – Today is Friday of the second sort. If it was possible I would run from work 17h00, beam me home and sleep until Monday morning 05h00 not doin’ a fu***** thing.

And I want t cat



TGIF – Thank God it’s Friday

Kind of a strange saying cause Friday is a working day and at the end of it you are as tiered as mid-week. So I admire the once who turn the alarm clock off thinking “Tonight I am going to party”! Good for you Boys and Girls. (Sorry, not political correct, I try again: “Good for you Boys, Girls, Transgender, non-binary, Queer and any other gender label out there”)

Have a nice weekend


Trevlig Helg