Etikettarkiv: winter

Motivation: zero

It’s not like a “Never heard of” – feeling during winter but I for sure have no motivation or enthusiasm at the moment. Not in the private life or work, brain is on a stand still.

Upcoming stuff supposed to boost some interest and joy:

  • Biathlon world championships
  • Melodifestivalen kicks off
  • Launch of a project I worked on forever
  • Da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre

And it just makes me exhausted, not fun at all. Typical Moi during winter – I am not made for it.


The new ice age

Depending on your age you think Ice Age is a cartoon or you might even experienced the real thing? If you are born before 1970 and brought up in Scandinavia the real ice age occur between October and May EVERY YEAR… Some people, though, will try to make the world believe that the ice age took place around 2.4 billion years ago, but as a Swede I know that is a lie. It is a awful thing repeating itself every year in the Nordic countries and unfortunately in January 2020 in Paris, France.

I must say that it’s never been this cold EVER south of Denmark. It hurts when you inhale oxygen to stay alive so this morning I played with the thought to actually stop breathing and give up, or at least stay on the bus and refuse to exit and go to work. Just be transported around in Paris, lap after lap on bus 21 and maybe prepare some for the French class on Friday. Another anxiogenic activity supposed to be fun but just creates stress.

So, if you read this post on the 21st of January 2020 from your home or a Hotel in Paris at least consider to pull the cover over your head and stay in. Might not benefit your career but for sure it will boost your mental health as well as a normal body temperature.


Pardon my French….

Pardon my French, but this fu***** strike! Seriously, the whole of Paris will spend the weeks up to Christmas AND Christmas in bed sick based on over crowded buses, long walks in the “fantastic” winter weather.

And to find out that none of the commercial unions don’t protest…. For me it’s mind blowing. If I was the owner of a shop, weeks before Christmas and the transport industry decided to strike… I mean, people do not shop when it’s impossible to bring your purchases home, so the income must drop. So, fire the store staff and blame the transport unions, maybe Mr Macron will wake up and not run around trying to save Russia and Ukraine.

Another thing I don’t get is that French people whom literally protest about everything buy this situation. It’s against all the rules you learn about the French.

Stop strike! NOW!


Time to go spring in Paris

This morning kind of screamed “Stay in bed it’s winter outside”. And it is cold again together with the fact that all of Paris prepares for the summer maintenance of roads, houses and public transportation. They dig everywhere and block Metro and Bus lines thinking that fewer people will use them during summer. Maybe so… In August!!!

I survive that all of Paris at the moment look like a construction but not the return of winter, I do not accept it


Enough now please

Another day in Paradise – yes it’s a morning mantra and if you repeat it enough it might even be true… Or not. I am so tiered now of winter and let me remind you all that Im no longer in a country with winter hell but I need spring now.

A few days now, in the afternoon, it actually felt like the spring was around the corner but the two last days its more like walking out from home into a freezer and no winter wonderland as far as you can see so its not even beautiful (on postcards).

So, let us put on our yellow wests and walk out onto the Paris streets and demonstrate to get Hildago and Macron to build a huge roof over Paris with built in sun lamps. Let us get tanned and enjoy life and dont give a fu** about global warming and Greta T.


City snow

Yesterday, even before lunchtime, a rumor spread in the office… Snow on it’s way, again, second time this Paris winter and 15 cm, they say 15 cm!!!

And of course soon the office was divided into different groups with their own opinion on snow (this is not only a Paris thing it happens world wide).

The Panic Group – First question… Can I even travel back home? Do i need to stay in the office, have we stocked up water, food and batteries?

The dreamers – Oh it’s so beautiful, white landscapes or a snowy Place de la Concorde, children playing in the white snow and many many selfies will be uploaded on Instagram.

The City Snow pack – Oh wait for a minute, we live in a huge city, snow wont stay snow will turn to water, freeze and then turn to ice NOT optimal for people to walk around in.

The three groups do not communicate well together but let me as a native Scandinavian tell the world one thing. Snow and winter is ONLY beautiful on postcards and winter is fun if you visit and can leave it again. And snow falling in big cities, depending of the degrees, can only turn into two different scenarios. Wet and slippery or huge amounts of snow blocking everything and create the chaos expected by the Panic Group mentioned above.

Winter is, and will continue to be hell on earth… D’accord?


Paris late January 2019

I have already touched the subject in some previous posts but it’s worth to repeat, Paris is winter is not funnier than winter in Stockholm. Gray and cold Paris can well be compared to a snowy cold Stockholm.

But its not that cold in Paris someone say… No it’s not but in Stockholm you have a complete different wardrobe, you ready to fight the power of nature. In Paris the cold weather, even if you know it will come, comes as a surprise and you look at your French winter jacket (same as what you in Sweden will call a September jacket) and realize this is a crazy persons decision of outfit in winter.

Mais, Ces’t la vie – and will I learn? Not likely.


Snow in Paris

As you all can see snow in Paris is as grey, boring, wet and cold as in Stockholm. The world need to learn that snow only look good on postcards and maybe in the Alps if it’s sun at the same time.

My mantra today among the French and other nationalities I work with, who all think they love this, is wait until you have spent a week in a city with real winter… Then snow is the main reason for promoting global warming.


Take off day

Then its time for me to leave this grey rainy weather and have 7 days in the sun. Not planned, but two days ago I felt that NO I do need chance to some sun even if I’m normally not lucky when it comes to weather when Im abroad.

Hopefully I will be able to update you during the week, no computer with me but I will bring the pad.