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Sunday – Before work

So, last Sunday before work week at the office start again. I have been so stressed to forget anything so it feels more like going to a new job than back to the old one.

So with a smooth start, 3 days in the office and 2 back home I hope to be able to not catch the virus. Strange isn’t it, I feel I care more now after the tests than before.

And then the pasted weekend, I wanted a glass of wine after work on Friday but when I finally turned the computer off I actually only opened a bottle of Perrier. And Saturday did not offer any party mode at all so it was a very calm weekend but I started to watch Game of Thrones as you know. And no, it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not drawn in to the story and with dragons, zombies and ghosts… It’s a no from me. Maybe I will be able to finish all seasons but it’s not a priority.

Take care


11th of May 2020

So, President Macron made his speech on how long the French Lock down and confinement will last and the date is the 11th of May 2020.

Expected, but not in the way I thought. I was sure the time will be until the end of May, but I also thought they should give us the bad news in chunks of 14 days. So I do appreciate to have know it will be far into May before we can see some part of the French life return to normal. But I am also sure it won’t be all of us at the same time.

So now the goal is to keep sane in single confinement, since it is not a lot of social contact when you live on your own. Also try to find a way to work from home for one more month. But how work will react on todays news will most likely be for us to take more vacation days.

For me, I will see if I can continue my French lessons on line (even if most are daytime), and maybe add some classes. Get some order in life. One more month in sweatpants is not an option, I need to get up and get dressed, plan the days and go out the hour we can each day. Too see some people and not only for food and HEETS.

Maybe use more social networks to chat and not only post things on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But as said, we will see how work reacts first but hopefully we will be able to take a longer break during the day for French on line, and be on line for work longer in the evenings.

Keep safe


Have you ever thought of the idea what will happen if people all of a sudden decides to not work after set times and instead go for their inner clock and say “Hey boss, I will work my 7 – 8 hours but let my inner clock decide when I start and stop”.

What office hours do your clock tell you? Are you the early bird? A siesta person? A night person? Looking at how my inner clock work when I am off work I guess I will raise early, work early BUT have a long siesta in the middle of the day and work my last hours in the evening.

Start the day at 05h00 work until 11h00, then sleep to 15h00 and work for two more hours 16h00 to 18h00 maybe.

At least I would have a siesta in the middle of the day, for sure.

So tell me your inner clock


If you ever changed your job…

As always i passed by Opèra in Paris this morning and right in front of me on an almost empty platform a guy standing with his accordion. I guess he already entered his working place riding the Metro back and forth playing for people, like me, whom will grant him with an angry stare wondering why the hell can’t I take the Metro without being forced to listen to “La vie an rose”?

At the same time I can’t stop thinking… If I ever change work again I wan’t something like that. Completely without taking any decisions, enter the working place, do what I am suppose to do and when the day is over leave and not look back at that day at all.

Unfortunately work like that never pay enough to even cover a half months rent where I live now so it is kind of a dream to have 10 – 15 years of easy work before retirement, without work stress.

But of course, playing accordion on the subway or to sit in the checkout at Monoprix or ICA creates other stress I guess, how to earn the Euros needed to live.

But still, if I ever change work again, so nice to just be and leave the working place never looking back on that day.


New Week then

There all, let us say that the weekend went on as expected part from the unexpected kidney stone entered the world. But it at least made me going out on Saturday and see some people around me. Not sitting at home trying to survive the kidney stone pains.

And now a new week and only a few weeks before works big conference and today is kind of the day when its time to get the conference work together so I have something to present in the beginning of May.

Have a nice week folks


We all have them…

There is no question about it, whatever we work with and how much we love what we do we all have those things we find so boring and most people dig in and get rid of those tasks as soon as they surface. Not me… And it actually makes me a bit pissed off to not be the one doing them on spot. No I push them into the future trying to forget them as much as possible until there is no way back, deadline.

Why? How come? It’s not like I’m not understand the tasks must be done and I am the one doing them… But no… So, now I sit here the last week of writing a collection of reports, must be ready by Friday and of course the same week as 1000 other things with deadlines.

The world looks at me and say: “I’m with stupid”


Back from St Petersburg

From Russia with love

So, back from St Petersburg in Russia and not from a vacation trip, just work so not much of a chance to experience the city. In any case I’ve been there before… But then it was Leningrad.

I hope to be able to go back cause St Petersburg is an amazing city, so beautiful in the city center (I suppose the suburbs will give a different and similar picture as all other amazing cities in Europe)

So enjoy some of the pictures in the gallery