Taking an important call, are we?

How is it possible that a call or text can be so important that you as cyclist or when riding on a electric scooter stop in traffic to check your phone? Or, go to the side of the street (good idea), but hide among the parked cars so no one can see you and when the call or text is finished just throw yourself out in traffic with no clue if someone is close enough to bump into you.

Or how can a phone call, text or updates on social media be so important that when you drive a car, truck, motorcycled or moped must check your phone at every red light? And when you get green completely miss that fact until someone behind you reminds you to look up?

One idiot, now and then, must happen. But it is so common in the Paris traffic I wonder how much the human brain actually is shrinking since we went from “common sense” to a digital world.

And again, I am sorry, but I still honk my horn and clap my hands when someone on a scooter don’t see the pot hole in front of them, and end up, face first, in the asphalt. Especially if there are two or sometimes three on the same scooter, and only if they only get hurt… I don’t want people to die.

I know it is an awful thing to be happy about, but scooter people are a danger to everyone else in traffic.

So, today’s tantrum is over!


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