Testresults, done

So, my 6 month check up done, and even the doctor turned out to be surprised. All the results, we usually look at, turned to be much better.

The test

Look at the dip, and it’s only cause of the workouts, nothing else. And I have gone from pre-diabetes to not at all… But I also need to keep it up, which gives another aspect to the results… I want to rest!!! I want to eat, a bit tiered of being hungry with spaghetti legs 24/7.

On the bad side, my noradrenalin and cortisol is over the roof, and show that I’m obviously extremely stressed at the moment… Without knowing it. And both is bad for the heart, risk too clog things up and that is something I have to avoid. Can only sadly say it most likely caused by the situation at work and the stress to manage to do the workouts every day. We will see how it looks next time.

But today at 07h51 I must say I been a good boy today.

2021 10 15 07h51

Have a TGIF now


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