Have no idea how this Friday will end. Plan, now when Melodifestivalen is ongoing, is to have my wine day out on Fridays so I can watch the show on Saturdays. But even if the weather apps talk about 12 degrees and no rain, there is wind (and some rain), so it’s cold! Not fun.

The picture is not from Paris, I know, it is a reminder of how wrong things can turn out for you if you are a bad person. You might end up in Geneva…

And the above has nothing to do with the fact that , since i started to work in Paris, managers proven to hate Fridays and do their best to add meetings late in Friday afternoons. All so you can go home and don’t forget work. Instead think of some new tasks and think of solutions.

It’s a French company thing i guess.

Take care and drink wine, it’s weekend.


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