TGIF 2022 10 07

Welcome the the world of huge noses, seems like the stupid thing still growing. Not saying I’m a liar though.

Fun fact: Had green lights this morning from L’église Saint-Augustin all the way to Place de la Concorde. At the end it turned out to be a 12 minute gain in travel time. Just caused by green lights. My thighs though went out of energy without stops on the way. But still, 12 minutes!

So it finally is TGIF, now I am supposed to stay at home and save money but right now an evening at Le Championnet with a nice wok and wine feels like a perfect thing. At the same time… maybe a bit of stay home luxury with take out and maybe open a bottle of Champagne instead, and put an old Eurovision year on will take me through a Friday at home. We will see. Answer tomorrow.

Not fun fact, Men with expensive bikes are a danger to the world!

TGIF, have it…


TGIF from me to you. Björn Nordlund

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