TGIF – But Saturday

My mind kind of surprise me on a daily basis, like today. I left the gym well aware that I was 5 minutes late, so I tried to plan how to earn those 5 minutes back to not arrive later at work and cause of that be forced to stay longer at work on a Friday.

Safe back home, quick jumping into the shower which from today is an amazing time machine cause when I got out I was 100% sure it was Saturday and calmly sat down to figure out if I wanted thè or coffee… Before reality hit me, it’s Friday. But I could have taken a day off without knowing I actually had a fake day off.

To something else, Spotify. I finally have some playlists in place so I now can share the link to my space in Spotify. One thing I do like with Spotify is to see what others listen to, and find new songs and artists. If you are on Facebook and we are friends there Spotify show me you are there, and also have a Spotify account. Not all share that so the option is to follow people (artists as well) so you can follow me on Sportify, and I will for sure follow you back.


Beside that, have a nice weekend


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