TGIF No 33

So, week 33, and finally TGIF again. Productive week locked up in my own little bubble of tasks at work, workouts in the afternoon, cursing at myself for repeating to forget to start my “outdoor cycling” timer on my iWatch (at least in one direction, going home or work), and the not so pleasant realization that the 15 minute program for washing workout clothes heavily impact your electric bill.

So overall it’s been a fantastic week, actually not stress. Not even the knowledge that budgets is coming up made me go bananas.

So for that reason I published this little poll on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram:

Guess the hidden animal and I might party tonight, I have in a clever way air brushed the animal out of the picture.

Let’s see if there will be a bottle of Casal Garcia tonight. Most likely I will keep myself in my apartment since I have stuff to do tomorrow morning and need to stand up and be ready for the gym, if not very early, at least no to late.

And the Covid count for France:

Again, not the best of statistics when you think of the fact that the spread of the virus goes up in the fall and winter…

But forget about it, and have a nice TGIF and weekend


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