TGIF – Oh yes it is

So, this week we learned that UPS is the worst courier company in the world, not flexible at all. I got a text message saying they will deliver my purchased new IQOS Duo. And since I’m in office I changed the delivery date to Tuesday next week, when I know I work from home.

But they actually still turned up yesterday, and left a message “Sorry we missed you, we will return tomorrow between 10h30 – 16h30”. Again, I still in office not working from home until Tuesday, and I have it confirmed in a text that I changed the date.

It’s been the same problem with UPS every time I bought something online and they use UPS. And even more stupid, I have a UPS pick up point 30 meters from my home, but they ask me to pick the package up, if not home today, at an UPS pick up point 3 km from my home. Usually the parcels have ended up in the place close to me, not this time. This never happens with DHL or normal post delivery. Only UPS.

So I’m worth a TGIF, ice in the freezer and Casal Garcia waiting at home, all depending on the how the day turns out. If the team meeting makes me angry I’m not in mood for wine. This is the worst thing with having the team meetings on Friday afternoons – Team meetings should be on Monday mornings to plan the week not get stressed over the weekend cause of tasks popping up.

Last Friday I was so longing for a glass of wine and ended up going to bed 20h00 instead.

And for you all who want to compare your countries new covid cases with the French, here they are, this weeks new cases.


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