TGIF – Try something new?

I am told that if I want more visitors to my web / blogg / Eurovision information site the best way is to add words like PornHub, Cam4, Xvideos, GuysWithiPhones and maybe a “naked male celebs” – But I dont know if I want words like that on my site, So I decided to not take that road to be fabulous.

So not much to say today really. I will meet up with friends this evening, which stresses me, as always when my free time is “booked” by something (fun or not fun). And to make sure I will be in time for the after work I took half day off today. Yes, if not it’s not sure you will be able to leave in time, even if you worked your hours.

But have a nice TGIF and I leave you with a rerun of a favorite:

Shoplifters will be Prostituted – Todays TGIF


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