TGIF – With the learning French twist.

“Still struggle” I hear my self saying, still a problem with the French language. In fact I also start to have a problem with Fridays cause I have French class on Fridays. Sounded good when we planned it but now after two months of changes, postponed sessions etc I can see I need to change the day in the week I take the classes.

The choice of Fridays is on paper the best choice, not likely to have late meetings, not likely to be away on a business trip or any plans for the evening. But no one counted on the complete close down of the brain at 17h00 on Fridays.

So the second best day to have some kind of continuity in the lessons is Mondays. For the same reasons as Fridays really, not likely on a business trip, no after work activities and late meetings mostly happen between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So I have now asked Inlingua to look into the possibility to change the day for my classes. We will see if they manage to do this or not.

But deep at heart I really want the classes to be before work or even better, over the lunch hour. But since we don’t have any office space to take the classes it is kind of impossible. And no teacher seems to think a 6 o’clock class is on their menu.

So we will see what happens in the future.

Have a nice TGIF now,


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