The body is old

The body is turning old, and crack, piece by piece… At least this is what I think and feel.

Heartproblem, is old. Kidney stones, old. But this summer I also managed to get 2 kind of rashes… Happy me. 1 kind the the face and another on the body caused by heat. Is not nice, it itches and the only way to get rid of it is to “not sweat” in the 36 degrees heat outside and around 40 inside.

I thought it would clear up a bit today when it rained a bit late in the afternoon as well as some thunder… But its still over 30 degrees and no wind. I need a real “summer storm” now.

And the 10 kgs I must drop until November has not started to even show yet, and I only drink Perrier and eat salad. Life is not fair is it?


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