The door

The, without a doubt, most stupid French invention is never as noticeable as when there is a strike going on… The door….

“What the fu** are you thinking of” you might think… Did the French invent the door?

Oh no, they might not have invented the door as such but in the way French are French and France is France they take a perfect normal invention and give it a French twist to make it look normal at first but in use its different from the rest of the world. Like doors.

A door, to save space and make life easier for people is opened outwardly but not in France, proud someone said: “A door, what an amazing invention, let’s open it inwards in France”.

And on a crowded bus, during strike, this means that the doors can’t open cause people is in the way. It also means, in a so called home, that the space behind the door cant be used for anything if you get the idea of what a door is made for, entrance.

Beside this morning and some reflection on life in France it only took 30 minutes today to get to work so I find myself at work kind of extra early and keep on the countdown to Christmas vacations. Today: 2 Tomorrow: 1 and then 0!



Working in a place not famous for it’s humor to find this in elevator this morning give some hope for the future. Just wonder who had the balls to do it?

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