The Election took a strange U turn

Swedish election 2022, Svenska valet 2022, Élection suédoise 2022

One mandate between the red/green block and the blue block, jumped back and forth during the night and today it is the blue (conservatives), who is in the lead – but postal votes and expats votes is counted on Wednesday so nothing is clear so far.

There was, from my side, an unrealistic hope that both liberal parties and the green would fail to reach the 4% they need to stay in the parliament, but unfortunately all 3 made it. And let’s face the music… We got what we got.

Swedes have a unnatural wish to hurt themselves and complain for 4 years (8 years in this case) and then again vote the same. We call Swedish voters for “Security junkies”. A nation of people so marinated in how the country looked in the 1650s and 1960s so they vote as they “always” done in “my family”.

In any case, it’s not finished until Wednesday which will make me a bit unconcentrated today, normal tomorrow and completely into Swedish news on Wednesday, sorry work.

And to all the greens out there:

“What do you have that is free from sugar, gluten and carbs? “., “Napkins” – I wanted a photo of a huge finger but this will do.


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