The End of a not so fantastic week

So finally Friday. The last day of a week I won’t count as one of the best between 1964 and today. Let’s see… I don’t have a cold but every joint and muscle have decided to go all in and pretend this poor old body have the Corona virus. I do not know why but it’s painful but no fever, cough or any other symptoms of a flue going on.

My back is killing me, but for that I blame the chairs at work, they look good but hell no! When the afternoon hit us the ache hits me.

A kidney stone is on it’s way as well, this time we go for the left side. And OK it’s not a big one, but this constant grinding pain (even if on a manageable level) impact thing like mood, endurance and acceptance of stupid things, AKA I’m not a nice person.

And even if the strike at the moment have a very petit impact on the Metro and buses the streets are full of trash cause they have not picked up the trash at all so far this week.

And then as the cherry on the top I manage to cut myself on the inside of the throat. Do not ask me how, when or why… Have no idea, I thought it was a tonsillectomy at first but since no fever or no swollen tonsils I can only imagine it is a “cut”. So to swallow anything not liquid is as painful as a minor childbirth. No, I don’t lie….

And then add winter and a day with the patron visiting work from Geneva it’s stressful, not that he is mean or dangerous but as said, I have not been on top this week and actually missed two deadlines on things not very very important but things I want to get out of my hair.

So, as said, Finally Friday… TGIF

See ya tomorrow, semifinal 2, demi finale 2, of Melodifestivalen, if I don’t fall asleep in front of the TV by then.


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