The first back at work

So, no direct surprises too be honest, same streets on a bike, same stops and same rolling down the hills of Paris and reached the office in 14 minutes today.

But I do expect more trouble further into the French vacations month (August) we go. For some reason the “digging up streets of Paris” happening at the same time. I also 100% sure we will see more demonstrations around Place de la Concorde the upcoming weeks. Always manage to fu** things up when it comes to blocking streets.

Hopefully we will get information in advance so you know what streets to avoid. Or, born Parisians will know, me, not so much, I learn by trial and error.

But now I have 4 days this week to finalize stuff always “pushed into the future” caused unexpected tasks thrown my way. Next week will be prepare my colleagues for the weeks I’m out of office.

But if I can’t do the work this week I can’t focus on the real important things after my vacation, cause we will have a seriously hectic autumn / winter coming up, which need 100% focus.

So, I can only hope for this week to be a “do not bother Björn with unimportant stuff”-week.

And to link to yesterdays post I now logged in to my Covid Vaccine account to check the Travel pass and health pass (not even sure if it is the same document, cause its not clear in the information since both names are mentioned in different sections), and still the info is “No available information” – and on Wednesday it’s needed. So will be interessting. Scanning the QR code in the upper right corner of the document provided by my Doctor it also say: “No information available” – the Qr code at the left bottom of the page, to upload info in the app, works well though. So let us hope it will be enough.


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