The GAla season

Not that involved in the gala season but it is always fun to read the tabloids after such an event. I find the “best dressed” section most confusing and why is that?

In Sweden more or less every thing graded is graded after a scale 0 – 5 so also the dresses and clothes during a gala evening and open the tabloids reports is always exciting. First of all to see that Fashion Reporters depending on the tabloid they represent can give the same outfit 0 in one and 5 in another. Not that common tho’ but it happens. What I really find amazing is that the dresses (almost always dresses) I find ugly as shit often get the best grades and the poor girl (and in the QX Gala case also men wearing the dress) looks like something between a turkey on speed and a unmade bed.

And the guys whom decide to dress classic in a suite, boring as hell yes but not in any case a bad choice so how is it possible that a blue suite, white shirt and tie gets a 5 while a black suite, white shirt and a tie get’s a 1? Its a suite without any details or strange colors.

And to something completely different… The fire in Paris. Writing this blog post I hope you all get that I never was close to the fire in the 16eme. But it’s awful to read about what happend.


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