IQOS Heets

The iqos experience – Part II

I promised to get back on the IQOS experience and the Heating sticks, “Heets” now when I tried IQOS for a while. Again, I am not hired, payed or work for IQOS or Philip Morris – this is a true consumer report. And remember, no one under 18 years old should ever try to smoke OR if you never smoked before… Why even start, it is a addiction so hands off boys and girls.

So far I have tried the sticks: Bronze, Sienna, Amber, Blue and Turquoise said to be (in the same order) Cigarr, strong tobacco, Marlboro like, Strong Menthol and Menthol.

Bronze, for me, do not taste much at all so I kind of dropped the Bronze label after just trying them while Sienna have a bit more taste of tobacco but I can’t call it strong. Best or shall I say most reminding of a “real” cigarette is the Amber Label, I still wish for a more tobacco flavored heating stick but Amber works. And for me who like the taste of a smoke together with a coffee or a drink or beer this is my choice for a night out or with the coffee after dinner.

The best result tho’ is the Label Blue (I don’t understand why there is a Blue and a Turquoise cause it’s not a big difference even if the Blue Label offers a bit stronger menthol taste). I did not smoke menthol cigarettes cause they gave me a terrible headache if only smoking menthol but sometimes it was a nice taste. But as with normal cigarettes menthol takes over and don’t work well with coffee or a beer. So the best is to have two choices with you. I have no problem to use the Blue label all the time apart from those times I like the combination of a smoke together with something else. Also the first one in the morning a real cigarette taste is for me to prefer.

So for now I go with Amber and Blue to my IQOS devises and let us see if I can keep my hands off from the real stuff and continue with IQOS. Again the downside is the charging of the device and sometimes you might need to buy a package of cigarettes cause you run out of power in you devices cause IQOS is not initial cheap and with a around 2 year battery life cycle before you need to buy a new one… Here Philip Morris must come up with something smart to recycle the device. Send your old IQOS in when the battery is dead and get a discount on the new one.

Let’s see what they come up with


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