The key to learning French

So today we started again, just stop over Christmas, with the French classes. And again I go back to ALL previous blogs on my problems with this language. But today, epiphany! The key to learn French.

The base to learn French is to understand that French is not only one language, its a group of many languages and knowing this and learning one at a time will hopefully make everything much easier (even if your teacher protest when this theory is launched).

So, French language 1, learn everything as “Je” and “Masculine” and when you master that French language you start with French 2, “Je” and “Feminin” and then go on through Tu, nous, vous etc etc, when you master each of the different languages (all of them think its French) you put them together into one and that is French!

So from today I will only speak as me, masculine, present time… So Je un/le maintenant VOILA


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