The longest week in history

It’s only Thursday, Thursday in the longest week in history… An awful week, and I don’t know why I feel like that. But every day kind of never ends.

A normal day fly by from morning to after lunch, and the hours before “go home bitch” time is usually slow but not suicidal long. This week been like “Please, show me where you Frenchies hidden the guillotine?”, from morning to evening. Unfortunately also in the evenings, the free time been a drag.

So, what to do, just walk down the memory lane or try to spice things up a bit. The looking back opportunity turn up yesterday when a colleague asked for my participation on “no shave October” and I had the opportunity to pull up a picture from 1991.

Got an offer to take part of the “No shave October” challenge, but I kind of already been there… So Pic from 1991 presented and a kind “no, been there, done that”. I guess the invite came cause I have not shaved since Saturday.

Another thing is I discovered this:

Barnstol at a colleagues desk

Yes, a children seat for a bike. It suddenly turned up at a colleagues desk and not much to add there, sounds normal… But I had no idea he was a dad, nor that he used a bike. So big surprise there. Too me the person is a typical scooter person and kind of 12 years old which is not enough years under the belt to have a family already.

You learn as long as you breathe.


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