The upcoming weeks

We all have them, kind of hell weeks when everything is supposed to happen at the same time, and for me (or all of my work place) it is the weeks before the huge conferences and until the last one is done. May and June, weeks when you are more stressed NOT being at work than being at work.

When home its more like “Did I send all emails”, “Did I forget a PPT”, “the agendas” and so on and so on. Brain stress, nothing else.

So why this stress? It is tasks added to your normal work load and you know if somethings been forgotten.. Oh la la, it feels like Place de la Concorde will see more heads rolling.

So I wont be at the best of mood for weeks ahead now. A neverending story.

With this “positive” note for the day I wish you all a nice week, nice May and go for it.


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