The vaccine

As you know from the post yesterday I took a vaccine shot for Polio, Diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) – cause I did not have the protection anymore, or maybe… But I did not have any vaccine papers from like 1982. Wait until they notice I never got the shots we are suppose to take during military service… I am sure it will be some more vaccine to take after that.

But, why talk about this another day? Cause my arm is hurting me like hell today, a bit feverish as well, so ho ho what a fun thing. But I can’t lift my left arm at all. Managed to work though, and I am glad to be a kidney stone patient, cause pain is kind of relative.

Also day one in the loose 10 kg so carrots, cauliflower and chicken filet without any of the good stuff. Chicken taste nothing without butter, a sauce and chili.

Did not book a time for the stress test though, so I need to do that tomorrow, as well as the very very late dentist appointment. Lets talk dentists tomorrow.


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