The worlds worst influencer

OK – I have an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account, plus a website (this one) and still… I am the worst influencer in the world! I do not update my content on the website enough to even make a ripple in the sea of social media. I do not get a cent from partners so the site at least pay for itself and I have for 3 years now tried to understand how to get a good SEO and how to choose one and install one. OK, I do not try to be a new world famous influencer but for some people this site actually might help or just be intertainment.

So without a SEO, cause no one can explain so I understand (not necessary they who is stupid, in this case I am pretty sure it’s me) and I really don’t want to take my clothes off and be openly nude to the world (will most likely be seen as a offence in any case), so let’s see what the future might bring for this website.

I started it with one important thing in mind to write a diary about my life in Paris more for family and friends cause I was at the end a bit tiered of repeating myself when talking to my Swedish friends. Then of course I wanted to add one section with Eurovision news and history, my news and history. That section is in need of a revamp re launch. I also made a section with tips and tricks if others planned to move to Paris from Sweden, maybe some of them can be seen as good to have info for others than Swedes as well.

And that is where I am today, 2 months before Eurovision I really need to spend some time on the Eurovision part of this site – and also try to remember how to post material there… PDFs mainly, cause I have forgotten how (yes, Old brain!, old brain!).

Have a nice day and welcome back when you can


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