They actually start to growl

Over and over, the same excuse, “French people have the right to strike that is why we do it” – newsflash… The right to strike is kind of not a exclusive right for the country of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”, but equal unpleasant here as in Stockholm, London or Hong Kong. Even if they in Hong Kong actually strike and protest to live, not what happens here in France.

But I notice a shift in how the people not included in strikes reacts now. People are really tiered of this now. The smiles and the French “Hrmf” is not as jolly now as it was the first week of strikes.

The “work from home” and last of the vacation days are over so no excuse to stay at home, the need to get to work (walk 20 minutes or 2 hours make no difference) is there and it’s not a pretty sight. And the bonjour changed to a “growl” and not only one “putain”, but many sounds around you in the morning.

Last week 15 minutes earlier was enough, now I have to leave home additional 15 minutes early to make sure I can take a bus half of the way to work.

So my dear, go back back to work please


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