Things to do

First sorry for not being able to post every day, but not much happens in life during this time of stay at home. Weekends turned into a “do I really need to get out of the couch to get food, water, coffee etc…

The only positive thing with weekends now is that my back finally get some days of rest, I will get back to this later on during the week.

But one thing to do if you are a Eurovision fan… As you all know EBU decided to cancel, not postpone.. cancel 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, so we fans kind of woke up in a parallel universe with a Eurovision to love and hate. But EBU also, in their website, launched a series of home concerts.

Eurovision artists sing their entry and one cover decided by the ESC fans, from their home. The first eposide can be steamed from the website and the second will take place on the 10th of April.

It is actually not a bad idea and so fun to see how different artists do this. Some use back track and sing, some really make their own versions and some go all in Eurovision.

So if you have nothing to do, go to Eurovision Home Concert, and follow this initiative

First episode Ryan O’Shaughnessy (well done on his backyard with friends, and he boy can dance), Rasmussen (go all in as a Pub entertainer and do it well), Tamara Todevska (really nice to make both her own entry and her cover to her own) and Slavko Kalzic (won’t dissapoint anyone if you remember him from Eurovision, camp in the best positive way).


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