Things to keep at home in case of confinement

As promised a few tips for you still not under lock down, read: Too My Swedish Friends.

After weeks locked in you notice things you wish you had thought of having stored somewhere in your home.

Gym equipment, whatever it is… I wish I had a exercise bike under the sofa (you know the commercial “fold it and hide it under the bed or sofa when you used it). Cause if you like me not work out at all normally the few steps you take outside actually keep you from going from 85 kilos too 120 kilos in a week or two. And a bike in your house can be used while you watch the evening news, perfect.

Paint, hoard paint not toilet paper. You will find yourself to discover places in your home you actually never seen before in need of paint, and when if not under lock down is it perfect to do the work?

A handyman in the building. Check all your neighbors and what they work with. Electricians, plumbers and people with access to tools is like paint, a Gods gift to the world during confinement. You will find things all the days inside your home you want to change, renovate, check if it is safe etc. Make your handyman neighbors your best friends before lock down. To handyman in this case we also include a barber.

TV series, complete boxes, you normally don’t want to see, is perfect to have hidden in your home to bring them into the daylight during a lock down. I don’t want to see “Dallas” again or God forbid “Game of thrones” but its kind of 2000 episodes, around an hour each, perfect to have when you actually seen ALL that is on Netflix currently and need something to watch when you sit on your exercise bike in the evenings.

Check all your household machines now and then so there are no risk any of them will break down during your lock down. A micro might not be a huge thing if is break down, or the coffee maker, you can order them on Internet and install them on your own. You manage. You might want to check your storage of analogue stuff, does your old coffee maker you put on the stove work? All parts there and in good shape?

But washing machines, refrigerators, TV, Blue Ray or DVD, computer, mobile phone, tablet (don’t forget to check you have charges to all your devises) etc etc. Things that is expensive even if they are accessible, and things you for sure wont be able to install on your own. If stuff like that break down you are in deep shit my friends.

Look at your sofa, or planned working area in your home. Your sofa might be the best place in the world in normal times when it’s not used 24/7. But to work daily sitting in the sofa that is higher than the table will at the end break your back. Every Monday the back is OK, but on Friday afternoons I need to get up over and over just to save the back.

So next time I hope I have been able to have a furniture somewhere made for working, cause it’s not a good thing to lay down on the hard floor to save your back and your boss calls you, and the truth is that you can’t get up in time to answer cause the back hurts like hell.

The above is just a few things, some for fun some reality. Just remember that things break and it’s not sure you will be able to get a new object at once. At the moment i don’t have a ladder, or chair to stand on. So I can’t reach the place where i have my spring/summer garments and store the winter once. Not like I walk around in furs but I want to hide the winter stuff now, not to be seen until November 2020.

All again adds up in the fact that I have no storage in my apartment. Something a handyman might have built.

Keep safe dears


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