Time for French

One day closer to end the “no French studies” period (Summer) and go for it, again.

In the meantime I watch Greta Thunbergs speach in the UN and actually get depressed. It’s time for someone to wake up, and ask the question; WTF! where are the grown ups in the Fridays for future movement?

You put this extreme hard task upon the shoulders of a child, a child with Aspbergers, and watch her crack piece by piece. All cause you know a child will get more publicity than grown ups. It’s a shame and will never end well for the child.

You watch a child, whom for real is terrified to go to bed thinking she won’t wake up in the morning and wake up EVERY day afraid. Not worried or angry, afraid and in panic… And you think it will end well?

I don’t care if you agree on the climate change theories or think it’s pure bulls*** but this is not fair to her.


Found this on Aspbergers:

A meltdown is where a person with autism or Asperger’s temporarily loses control because of emotional responses to environmental factors. They aren’t usually caused by one specific thing. Triggers build up until the person becomes so overwhelmed that they can’t take in any more information

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