Time for it

As always, I do not work at PM or get paid by them to talk about “IQOS” and “Heets”, so read this as product info, cause even if I am satisfied with the IQOS system leaving cigarettes behind but continue to smoke I have discovered some strange things.

The cleaning sticks. The first batch I bought the sticks was a bit moist (not wet) and cleaned the IQOS devise without any problem. But the last batch I bought on the IQOS website the sticks been dry and did not clean the devise very well, and I guess this is the reason for two IQOS devices to malfunction now. During two weeks one IQOS 3 and one IQOS 3 DUO just stopped to work.

The IQOS 3 is impossible to inhale through, its like the “air” don’t circulate in the device, it charges, it heat the tobacco, but try to inhale? not a chance.

The IQOS 3 DUO works but its not a DUO anymore, it refuse to charge for two consecutive use, which is the whole idea behind the DUO. And honestly the devices is to expensive to not work longer, the DUO is from beginning of the year and the other is not more than a year old.

IQOS do not make it easy for you to return them either or get them repaired (guarantee still valid for both devices). The stores taking devices in is not many and to send them back takes some work at the computer.

Its should be easier to file a complaint on their website, all devices have a product number, and then PM/IQOS should send a new device with a return envelope included for the customer to return the bad one. At least as long as the guarantee is still valid.

I will look at the system today when I return home to see what the steps really are, but I feel a bit disappointed that expensive electronic don’t last longer and why the hell is the cleaning sticks dryer than touch wood?

Any more with the same experiences?


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