Time to take a bite

So for some people it’s finally here, the day when you can eat a Semla. A nice tradition but as everything today a bit destroyed cause this traditional bun is now more or less on sale all year around and modernized into a bun that have nothing to do with the original. Seriously who want to eat a Semla with Nutella? Or a Semelwrap?

No this bun is for a few Tuesdays each February and no more. But if you are in Sweden and stumble over it do not hesitate to buy one, and this year be so kind to not buy them in a supermarket, support your local bakery and buy a real one. All small businesses need all the support they can get during the pandemic.

So Semla today, and remember that even if a fresh Skogaholmslimpa is really good, again… Buy some bread now and then from the bakery.


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