Too tiered

I don’t know if it’s just me but this morning, or still is, I was so tiered that even if I really needed to go for a number 2 I was to tiered to push. Result? No number 2. Second result? I almost did it in my pants on my way to work. Thank heavens I bike, cause being still in the Metro might have ended in a very embarrassing moment for a grown up man.

Apart from that another strange thing is going on in Paris at the moment. There are no cars on the streets in the morning. Three days this week and it’s been almost vehicle less on my way to work. Not knowing the French holidays by heart it’s always a stressful moment. Box that up together with this countries love for strikes you never know if you missed out on something.

That said. The Semla was sold out when I passed the Swedish shop “Affären” yesterday. Sad, but not that much. I’m not a huge fan of the Semla, just for tradition eat one every year. But obviously not 2023… Even if they will sell them for a few more days. We will see. Maybe a Semla instead of candy on Saturday, when watching the forth and last heat of Melodifestivalen. Then it’s only the semifinal and final left.


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