Toulouse – not only a cartoon kitten

Let us say it begins now… France freaks out and besides the new rule to wear masks in all workplaces from 1st of September Toulouse is first in France with mandatory mask wearing outdoors between 07h00 – 03h00. So to go out without mask you need to step out into the world from 3 o’clock in the night to 7, 4 little hours.

And I am sure Paris will follow, and OK it is better than the system we have now cause no one knows what areas is mask mandatory or free of them.

Toulouse is the 4th city in France, and also the city from where around 60% of people contacting me on dating apps comes from. So being curious I planned a long weekend there to see if I am handsome in Toulouse.

Toulouse is also an adorable cartoon cat in the amazing Disney film “Aristocats” – so what can go wrong?


Not Disney cats

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