Tourism in Paris

Cities all over Europe now change their policy on Tourism and implement rules for tourists to follow and minimize the impact tourism has on buildings, monuments and attractions.

Barcelona, Mallorca, Venice, Sicily and Malta only a few but also Paris will now change the way tourists see the city and this will be really really fun to see how the city will handle their own ideas.

Cause tourist buses will be banned in the city and tourists are asked to use bikes, walk or public transports.

First let us look at the public transport… Already on the edge of what the Metro can handle to push groups of tourists down underground fighting to be able to enter a Metro is kind of an awful idea. And for Asian tourists with the habit to travel the world covering their noses and mouths scared as hell of catching any kind of bugs a day in the French Metro system won’t meet their expectations of the French capital.

And to push a group of tourists out in the Parisian traffic on a bike or scooter following a guide use to the traffic is not what I call Road Safety.

But I do understand that cities need to do something and have no good alternatives myself, but it will be “fun” to see what the future brings.

Source Aftonbladet Sweden:



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