St Lazare

Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning, hot as hell already 06h00 in the morning and finally life returns to the frozen souls of Paris. I wish we could move the continents just a tad so this is a year around climate.

In any case, pass through Paris and as in all bigger cities in the world the city is a construction site. Have you ever lived in or visited a larger city without any construction work going on? When will they be done? Just think: one summer without any blocked streets, construction workers and traffic chaos. Will it ever happen?

Guess no, but one good thing happened yesterday in French. We discovered a French language thing I mixed up and might be a reason why I have such a problem with questions and past/future in French. I say might, cause I’m not 100% sure it will help but at least a small bright sparkle in the end of the tunnel.

Let us now hope that this sparkle of light might hit the construction works too and we all can enjoy a construction free summer, at least once in the future.


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