We have our final

So on a rainy Paris day I wake up to finally have the 12 songs in the Melodifestivalen finals. And I will have time next week to write about them so let’s focus on the 2a chansen contest yesterday and the participants of former presenters, song writers and artists.

Looking at the songs entering the contest the last 10 years I have a heard time to find many songs or artists who will leave a mark on the Melodifestivalen history as the singers whom participated in yesterdays show.

All to the new “Hall of Fame” idea, a prize created to honor people whom have had an impact on the contest and the entered into the collective mind of the Swedes. I think it is a really strained idea cause at the end all will have a prize at home. And during the show yesterday SVT also announced that the public will vote for the people to enter this Hall of Fame, so the idea was born and died in the first year.

But if it will continue to be a part of the 2a chansen and it will create great show numbers as the once yesterday, OK let it live. But seriously, to me a Hall of Fame is also a place to visit. Will this be a part of the ABBA Museum? Will it be interactive on SVT.se? How did they think?

And at the same time let’s see how long it will take before EBU announce a Eurovision Hall of Fame, believe me it will come.

But back to the 12 songs in the finals, no words about them today but here they are.

Final songs in the Melodifestivalen 2020

First I am sad to see the lack of more songs in Swedish. And I know SVT tells you that songs in Swedish was not voted forward, fair, but why not to try to enter some good songs in Swedish not a selection of crap to fill the “We must have some Swedish songs” limit.

It’s also painfully obvious they want a girl to win 2020, 7 male acts 5 female acts, but the girls been picked out to compete with not as good entries from the boys.

But as said, I will write about the entries the upcoming week. So for now let’s go to our neighbors Estonia and note that in Eurovision you can bring attention to your songs in many ways. In the singer for Estonia, Uku Suviste, take lightning and the material of his pants to create some interest. Won’t harm him at all I guess.

Uku Suviste and his famous banana


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