… Started the day stressed as hell and where I thought I actually had a new package of coffee I did not… Then it happened, I don’t care anymore, so all of a sudden 100% tranquille Björn. My inner Eeyore reminded me of my life philosophy, “It can only get worse”

Whatever I do, I can’t change a thing in my life whatever people say and do. At the end they won’t hold your back if there is a risk it will reflect bad at them.

So in the name of “Eeyoreism”, when something good is happening to you be sure the backlash will be 100% worse compared to the good feeling. It’s an easy formula… If your good mode feels like “7” on a scale 0 – 10, the pendulum will go back to the bad side as an “14”.

If you win 100 euros on a scratch ticket, be sure to find your home flooded or your washing machine taking it’s last breath. Simple Eeyoreism – also called life.

Enough about that.

Any comments on that? Karma?


For people understanding: “YAZZ”

Soon it’s TGIF


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