what a week

This week I start to plan for returning to the office, not cause I have too but it really is necessary to step into the office now and then. But it is nothing I look forward too. At the same time as I know it’s not a high risk for Corona at work it is the way going too and from the office which is the concern. Ligne 13 is full, the bus is full even if people now spread out more over the morning (not afternoon) and take an earlier bus.

At work it is the people with kids that is the concern. Before I never been a fan of them, kids I mean… But now I am scared of them, small humans full of virus and not being sick and home. Not an scenario I like at all.

I won’t be able to do the 1 hour walk over lunch, cause we have no showers at work. Two solutions to that problem, 1 get a bike 2 get a gym card. So today I have a meeting with a PT close to home to look at option 2. I still fight with the people in the house on letting up the small court yard for bikes, but I don’t think it will happen.

So let’s see how the day will end, with a gym card?


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