What just happened?

Around one Corona incubation period after the BLM protests in Paris the following news popped up:

Nothing on where in France or how an increase of 1000 new cases in one day, the new normal since May 450 – 500 cases, been possible. All reached me not he same day when work announced business as normal from the 6th of July. The feeling that countries open up to fast is there. Even if it’s also true that I am more concerned now, after my antibody test, then before. Crazy I know.

But let us talk about something else, the picture is the boring shopping bag on Friday, and the more fun one:

fun shopping bag

But they only had 2 btl of Casal Garcia on stock…

Another thing under the banner of “What just happened” is:

Swedish men shave their legs

An article why Swedish men started to shave their legs, so as always Swedes do everything to turn out less manly, Sweden is a joke in many many ways…


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