When the body gives up on you

Saturday, perfect workout… Decided to extend the time on the treadmill as well as the speed, felt great. A few ours later I felt like a stretch in the calves, mainly the left leg. But no real pain.

So after a fun night out, I was home at 2 o’clock (when did that happen last?), during my way down to the 14th Metro using the stairs something popped in the calve, the leg kind of bent and I was unable to walk, seriously unable…

So for todays workout I put my trust into voltaren, and it worked OK, not as fruitful as the workout usually is, but I made my time on the treadmill. But now, late evening, as soon as I have been sitting for a while the leg do not work at all. Hopefully I can take the bike tomorrow, other muscles groups (?).


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