Why can’t I resist

All my Swedish Friends know about it, some of my French friends as well, and living where I’m living it is kind of not a struggle to find butchers, and especially halal butchers.

My first year in Paris i enjoyed myself with asking for “filet de porc” passing those establishments. Just the faces is worth it. Unfortunately you can only do it maximum two times at each place, so that kind of enjoyment is kind of over in my area.

So, since a few months back I have a new thing going. To give the answer “Escort” when someone ask me what I do for a living. You get the same kind of face as the butchers asking for pork at a halal place.

Some quickly pick up the joke, but when people buy it you can go on forever to embroider the history.

So why can’t I stop doing stupid things like that?

But something that is 100% true is that the Mylène tickets is promised to be delivered in December at the latest. I kind of never see any purchase on the internet as done until I get the articles ordered. Too many stories.

SMS yesterday, tickets on its way

And for you who like me hate winter…

Take care


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