Wonderful Thursday

Since the strike begun early in December this is the first day NO communications worked and I was forced to walk all the way from home to work. Some heavy rain and a drop in degrees upon this and I will be in bed for a week or two. An option most likely to happen, not cause of rain but if it get’s colder, under +/-0 degrees, and the only way to reach work is walking, my cardiologist already flagged for sick leave. Not a good option right now with all reports on 2019 pending attention and a exciting system launch coming up. I also plan for a visit at the office in Geneva next week, but I do refuse to walk to the airport.

So why today? Today is a huge day for the people who strike, a huge demonstration day, something that sounds fuzzy and cozy when you say it in French “Mouvement Social” – Don’t sound so bad?

So we will see if the day ends with a healthy walk back home as well. Strike is actually worse than heavy snowfall, cause then it is impossible to leave home and it is accepted.

So to you all living in countries with no strike horny citizens, have a nice day.


And of course the picture is stolen from Internet, so if anyone protest on the use of it please let me know

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