Working from home or go to the office?

As said before, I do not think I will catch Corona at work (a very small risk), the risk is travel to and from work and visiting the Supermarkets. At least for me who not meet people outside those situations.

But still, people ask me: – You are a risk group person why don’t you work from home still?

Easy to answer, I needed to go back to the office after the new year cause we have an intern and to have a training via zoom is not easy. And after that I actually don’t want to carry my laptop to and from work if I don’t plan to work from home over a longer period of time. It is that easy – So it’s not a question of not wanting to work from, cause still it’s brilliant.

So even if office work complicate things now with the curfew in place I stay in office – but who knows, a spike in infections I might think again and work from home some more.


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